To-Do List for the Month of Ramadan

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Don’t know what to do in the days of the Month of Ramadan? Here is a simple to-do list that will solve your problem.

Day 1:

-Have iftar with a momin (believer).

-Recite the Dua (supplication) of Abu Hamza Ath Thamalee.  Try to recite Dua Iftitaah every night and reflect on its meaning with translations if necessary.

Day 2:

-Engage in Islamic Discussion with a group of friends.

-Begin reciting Surah Al Qadr at least thirty-four times every day until the end of the month.

Day 3:

-Talk to a non-muslim about the holy month of Ramadan.

-Begin reciting Surat Ad-Dukhan.  Try to recite it one-hundred times by the end of the month.

Day 4:

-Donate to your local food bank.

-Recite an entire surah that you haven’t read before and reflect on its translation.

Day 5:

-Give sadaqa.

-After maghrib prayer recite Dua Hajj.

Day 6:

-Give a gift to an orphan.

-Recite salawat (“Allah huma sulli aa laa Muhammed wa aali Muhammed” —

peace and blessings be on the Prophet and his family) throughout the day.

Day 7:

-Take your siblings out and spend the day together.

-Do tasbeeh throughout the day.

-Evaluate your speech: do you have a habit of backbiting, gossiping, interrupting, or being rude? Watch your words.

Day 8:

-Recite a Dua with a group of people.

-Pray two rakaat salaat. After Surah Al Fatiha in each rakah, recite Surah Al Ikhlas ten times.

Day 9:

-Visit a relative you haven’t seen in some time.

-Pray special salaat. After Surat Al Fatiha recite Ayat Al Kursi seven times. After salaam say fifty salawat.

Day 10:

-Pray the special midnight prayer.

-Make up missed prayers or pray twenty rakaat salaat in sets of two-unit prayers. After Surat al-fatiha recite surat al-ikhlas thirty times.

Day 11:

-Donate to an Islamic organization doing good work which is in need.

-Make up your missed prayers or pray two rakat salaat. After Surat Al Fatiha recite Surat Al Kowthar twenty times.

Day 12:

-Attend a lecture at the local mosque or center. Take notes.

-Pray eight rakaat of salaat in sets of two units. After Surah Al Fatiha recite Surah Al Qadr thirty times.

Day 13:

-Help the local masjid by preparing and cleaning.

-Pray four rakaat salaat in sets of two units. After Surah Al Fatiha recite Surah Al Ikhlas twenty-five times.

Day 14:

-Attend an Islamic class.

-Make up missed prayers or pray eight rakaat salaat in sets of two units. After Surah Al Fatiha recite Surah Al Zilzaal thirty times.

Day 15:

-Invite a relative to your home for iftar (dinner).

-Do Ghusl.

-Pray salaat of Imam Hasan bin Ali (as).

Day 16:

-Make a special pre-dawn breakfast for your family.

-Pray twelve rakaat salaat in sets of two units. After Surah Al Fatiha recite Surah Al Takaathur twelve times.

Day 17:

-Help out at a soup kitchen.

-Help a child read Quran.

Day 18:

-Start reading a book about the Prophet and his family Ahlulbayt.  Try to focus on learning from it while following their example.

Day 19:

-With a neighbor, recite Quran and have a tafseer session.

-Stay up as long as you can on the remaining odd-numbered nights in prayer and reflection.

Day 20:

-Visit a sick momin (believer) at the hospital and recite hadith al kisa at their bedside. Try to cheer them up, and don’t stay too long.

Day 21:

-Help your parent/spouse with dinner and preparations if possible, or at least clean up afterwards. -Whether your parents are Muslims or not, tell them you respect them as your parents and thank them for everything.

Day 22:

-Memorize a short surah from the holy Quran.  If you have been trying to finish reading the entire Quran during the month, try to catch up with your schedule if you are behind.

Day 23:

-Listen to a lecture online and discuss it with your friends after you’ve forwarded them the link to listen to it as well.

Day 24:

-Teach a Muslim child how to make wudhu and pray.  Help him or her with homework, especially in improving their reading.

Day 25:

-Help out at a local weekend Islamic school.

Day 26:

-Hold a gathering at your home in the evening for reciting Dua Iftitah and other supplications.  Make sure to invite friends and community members if possible.  If they can’t make it, ask them to pray for you.

Day 27:

-Write a poem or a personal reflection about one of the fourteen infallibles.

Day 28:

-Reflect on how the month has passed and whether or not you have improved yourself.  Implore yourself to maintain higher spirituality in mundane affairs.  Then help with the housework–Eid is coming up, make the home look good!

Day 29:

-Have a surprise Islamic gathering celebrating the end of the holy month

Day 30:

-Ask Allah to forgive your sins and shortcomings and accept your fasting.

-Give charity

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