Twenty-Nine, Going on Thirty: In Honor of the Islamic Revolution

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ImageFor 29 years now, we have sat back and taken the lies, accepted the critiques, the misinterpretations, the ignorance. Imam Khomeini was a figure who gave his all to make people feel proud of their beliefs, making it unbearable to just sit back."

Imam Khomeini

"You stand up against those who seek to portray this Islamic Revolution contrary to what it is. State your truth as it is and promote it until, God willing, Truth is established in all Islamic lands and Falsehood by itself disappear, God willing, from all Islamic, rather all the countries of the world.” – Imam Khomeini

Contrary to popular belief, the Islamic Revolution was not just for Iranians. Many of us heard this, but what does this mean to us? Does our nationalistic pride, our ignorance of the goals and efforts, or our pure apathy stop us from benefiting from the fruits of this world-changing movement?

It has been 29 years since the victory. 29 years since the moral and political triumph over corruption and brainwashed mentality. Many Muslims continue to walk around today, clueless as to what effect the efforts of Imam Khomeini and the Iranian people left on Islam in modern times. Many Muslims are unwilling to read about it, or even ask questions. Maybe it’s that "fear of the unknown" factor?

The Revolution was an uprising by the Iranian people. If you look at popular modern critics of the Revolution and Islam, many portray the picture that Imam Khomeini was a dictator who was power hungry and an "Islamic fundamentalist". Imam Khomeini in a message one said, "Today I am convinced that it was not clear whether the most powerful persons could have achieved more success than existing individuals have achieved, considering those abundant conspiracies and the animosities and warmongering that was waged in the world against the Islamic Revolution." Why do so many ignore the pictures which show the people of Iran emptying their homes by choice? How much longer will people continue to believe the "womp womp womp" that comes from the ignorant and blind?

So what exactly was the aim and purpose of this uprising? Many Muslims feel "excluded" and can't relate, but again, that's their choice. Imam Khomeini stated, "Of course, had we had all means and equipment at our disposal, we would have reached even higher goals in the war; but this does not mean we have been defeated in reaching our main aim, which was repulsing aggression and proving Islam's steadfastness."

And there we have it. This aim must be ours today as well. Where is there not aggression? Where is there not a stereotype and misconception of Islam? Is it not our duty to speak up for what Islam is? Just as the Shah portrayed a totally backwards Islam, today our religion is being misconstrued, slandered, and completely twisted. Is it not our job to continue the goals of the Islamic Revolution to fight for the cause of Submission? How can we not salute those who gave their lives to fight against corrupt people who were banning hijab, the symbol of Islam? How can we not salute those who sacrificed their sons who stood up against those who did not allow the commemoration of the Master of Martyrs, Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) take place? Would we have been willing to leave our homes? If it were not for these martyrs, would the institution of majaalis still be thriving today? How can we not commemorate this great achievement?

For 29 years now, we have sat back and taken the lies, accepted the critiques, the misinterpretations, the ignorance. Imam Khomeini was a figure who gave his all to make people feel proud of their beliefs, making it unbearable to just sit back."

“Through the war we showed the people of the world, in particular the people of the region, that one can fight against all the powers and superpowers for several years," he said. "Our war helped the materialization of triumph in Afghanistan. Our war will lead to victory in Palestine. Our war caused all the chiefs of corrupts systems to feel belittled before Islam. Our war led to awareness in India and Pakistan. It was only through the war that our military industries enjoyed such momentum of growth. Most important of all, the continuation of the spirit of revolutionary Islam on materialized because of the war."

We can no longer give excuses. When a people are fighting for the cause of Islam, Muslims must feel obliged to join hands and show the world what it means to believe in Tawhid. As Imam said, "When one sees God's religion in danger, he must rise up for His sake." It is not for the sake of a country, for a social class, or to make it in the headlines, it is for the honor and dignity of Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, it is for the sake of La Ilaha Illallah. How dare we sit back as our religion is defamed?

May Allah bless the soul of the leader of the Islamic Revolution and of those who stood in the face of the enemies of Islam with unshakable faith, dedication, and love of Imam Hussain.

29 going on 30, Insha'Allah.

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