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The Importance of Appreciating the Work of Mothers, Part II

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This entry is the second in a three-part series on the campaign to honor and value motherhood.

Mothers really do change the world; and it is unfortunate that not only does society fail to acknowledge this, but in turn we have mothers who take a lackluster approach to their responsibilities as a mother. It’s a reality mothers must accept. Staying in denial won’t help anyone, and certainly won’t help the kids you are raising.

While we should help our mothers understand their responsibilities, we cannot just give them a laundry list of things to do and leave it at that–rather we should empower mothers with the skills and help to take care of the next generation.

As a reminder, these snippets from the campaign were taken from the @khamenei_reyhaneh Instagram account.

4) Be a mother, become happier!

“The most important role that a woman can serve in every level from knowledge and spirituality, is the role she executes in the capacity of a mother or in the capacity of a spouse.”

Surely women shouldn’t only be identified as mothers or wives, as they have their own personal lives and interests. But besides that private part of her, the role she plays in building a family by raising her children and serving as a wife has a clear importance. It’s not only a value that women shouldn’t take lightly, but it is also important for men to understand this great responsibility and therefore help their wives fulfill this responsibility accordingly.

5) Your reflections will transfer to your children!

“Mothers have an effect on their children. The expression of love or speaking about this expression of love that explains it, sinks into the mind of a child.”

Children all want to feel loved, and desperately seek this in their lives. The way a mother caresses her child, hugs them, or kisses them, shows our little ones that they are wanted and loved. And even speaking simple phrases of love stick in the minds of our children and have a lasting impact.

6) One is less; a child shouldn’t be alone!

“The population of the country’s youth is decreasing. There will be a place we get to that having another child won’t fix the problem. When the generations have gotten old, another won’t fix the problem.”

As much as we are capable, we should try to have more kids and not leave a child alone. Often you see families who choose to have just one because they are worried about financially supporting more children, or they are caught up in demanding workloads, or maybe they are just tired of parenting, etc. But this is a disservice to your child who is alone and would thrive with a sibling.

Editor’s note: Islamic Insights is honored to host the “Raising Faith” column by esteemed guest contributor and student from Qum, Sister Samira Rizvi. Besides being a former newspaper copy editor, Rizvi is a mother of three, an author who writes for Little Muslim Books, and maintains a personal blog. Her column will focus on her experiences in tarbiyat—the upbringing of children based on Islamic values. For past articles in the column see here.

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Samira Rizvi

Sister Samira Rizvi is currently studying in Qom. Besides being a former newspaper copy editor, Rizvi is a mother of three, an author who writes for Little Muslim Books, and maintains a personal blog that can be viewed at www.mamasfeet.wordpress.com.

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