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Six Ways to Help the People of Bahrain

The brutality has been exponentially increasing.Call the Bahraini, Saudi, and Emirati Embassies, and voice your condemnation of this brutal behavior. The Bahraini Embassy can be reached at 1-202-342-1111, the Saudi Embassy at 1-202-342-3800, and the Emirati Embassy at 1-202-243-2400. (Make sure to call during working hours.) Speak to the operator and ask for the Ambassador’s office. Be polite but firm, and speak your mind about the injustices happening in Bahrain. If necessary, leave a voicemail.

The brutality has been exponentially increasing.As the people’s revolution unfolds in Bahrain, the Bahraini government has called on its despotic partners in the Middle East to crush the uprising. Yesterday, over 1000 Saudi and 500 Emirati (UAE) troops crossed into Bahrain to join Bahraini government forces in attacking the unarmed, peaceful protestors. Hundreds of innocent men, women, and children have been wounded or killed by government forces, and the massacre does not seem likely to subsist.

As Muslims and people of conscience, it is incumbent upon us to do whatever is in our ability to raise awareness of this tragedy and help the oppressed. Below are a few suggestions:

Keep Appraised of What Is Happening and Inform Others. Most Western and even Middle Eastern news sources have unfortunately proven themselves to be disappointingly biased and lacking in coverage of the situation. PressTV and ABNA are routinely being updated with the reality on the ground, so follow these sources closely. As new events unfold, post them on your Facebook wall, Tweet about them, and share them on religious, community, and other relevant email lists.

Call the Bahraini, Saudi, and Emirati Embassies and voice your condemnation of this brutal behavior. The Bahraini Embassy can be reached at 1-202-342-1111, the Saudi Embassy at 1-202-342-3800, and the Emirati Embassy at 1-202-243-2400. (Make sure to call during working hours.) Speak to the operator and ask for the Ambassador’s office. Be polite but firm, and speak your mind about the injustices happening in Bahrain. If necessary, leave a voicemail.

Contact Your Elected Representatives and ask for Congress to condemn the massacre. You can find the contact information for your Senators and Representative at Call and ask to speak to the Congressperson’s office, and let them know that as their constituent, you expect them to condemn this behavior. Tell them that this issue is very close to your heart, and if they fail to speak up, they should not count on your vote during the next elections. Email the Congressperson’s office as well. A sample email message is as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my strong condemnation of the current massacre being perpetrated against the Bahraini people by Bahraini and Saudi armed forces. As your constituent, I urge you to introduce and/or support legislation in Congress which condemns this barbaric behavior and suspends US aid to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain until Saudi Arabia and UAE withdraws their troops from Bahrain, and until the Bahraini government withdraws all local and foreign troops, respects its people’s rights to peacefully assemble and protest, and allows for free and fair elections in the country.

Respectfully yours,

[Name, Address, Phone Number]

Organize a Public Demonstration to inform others about the tragedy. Most Western news sources have completely ignored or underplayed the severity of the situation, and it is our obligation to inform the masses about the Bahraini people’s plight. You don’t need more than a few hours to plan a demonstration. Even a small group of five people holding signs at a busy intersection for an hour can potentially inform thousands of people about the massacre. Urge onlookers to contact their elected representatives asking them to condemn this aggression.

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper, and express your condemnation of the brutality. Mention exact numbers and figures. If your newspaper has not given adequate coverage to the situation in Bahrain, state your disappointment and disapproval. Also, call the news bureau and urge them to include coverage of the tragedy on the front page.

Pray for the safety and success of the revolutionaries, and for an end to the oppressors’ folly. Imam Sajjad (peace be upon him) has a particular Supplication for the People of the Frontiers, which is very relevant to this situation. Also recommended for times like this is Du’a Jawshan Sagheer. The Awaited One Foundation has started a One Million Salawat Campaign for the safety of the protestors. Pray to God to help the oppressed in Bahrain and elsewhere in the world, and for the hastening of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, who will truly put an end to oppression in the world and establish the Reign of Justice.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them below!

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  • Syed Mohsin Hyder Moosavi

    Salamun Alaikum

    Salamun Alaikum:Please recite Namaz e Istaghasa followed by Ziyart e Aashoora and Al e Yaseena and pray for pious and innocent momineen of Bahrain, at least we can do least for them…..
    Aliwale Hussainwale.
    Motive is to get connected with Shia World

  • Parsian

    hmmm! Saudi Arabia and the UAE don’t receive any aid from the US?

    • RE: Parsian

      They do.

  • Shabbir R Hassanally

    In His Name, the Most High


    We have organised a an online repository with names, addresses, phone, fax, email contact details of the various embassies (Bahraini, Yemeni, Saudi, US, UK, etc), along with some sample letters – please see:

    Also Dua Ahl ath-Thugur is beneficial along with Dua Jawshan Sagheer in these situations – and off course Quran.

    You can find Dua ahl ath-Thugur with English and Arbaic subtitles at the following link:

    With Salaams and Dua’s


  • WhatTheF

    Wow, even for IslamicInsights, you seem quite biased yourself worrying only about the Shias in Bahrain, there are a lot of Sunnis supporting the uprise that are out there with their Shia brothers. A Sunni opposition leader was detained last night too FYI.
    With websites like yours recommending one sided news as Press TV there is and always will be sectarian feeling that wont unify Muslims as it should be instead of separating them more and more. This should be a political issue stop making it sectarian!
    I live in Barhain and it pains me to see what you are doing to this country, haters like you have no mercy under God’s eyes.
    Hope Allah will be merciful with you but you dont deserve it trying to separate Muslims further into sects.

    • RE: WhatTheF

      LOOOOL…where in the article is the word “Shia” used even once???? 😀

      • Adel

        Don’t naive, we all know is it about Shia / Sunni in Bahrain. Those are protesting are mostly Shias with some misguied Sunnis… We keep hearing peaceful demonstrations, where is the peace when the protestors are attaching innocent people and the police etc. with knife, swords, clubs etc…

        • dot

          You are so brainwashed. Do you only listen to whatever your illegitimate rulers tell you? Do you only listen to propaganda coming out of the Gulf? Wake up, it’s a new world and the people are taking back their country, alhamdulillah! 8)

    • Syed Asif

      @ WhatTheF, Dear Brohter It is not about shia or sunni, it’s about muslims and right of our Bahraini who being killed brutaully by the Regime and this is being supported by Saudi & UAE.
      Please think as a common person, as you are aware every day the Palestine’s are being killed by JEWS, why not Saudi army goes there to fight against them??? Please just think on it Brother.

    • mawlai ali

      Lol..he must of imagined it. by leaving comments like this who exactly is separating the suniis and shiaa? read the article first nxt time

  • Sidra Abbas

    love it! Thank you thank you thank you!
    very practical ways we can help out!! actions speak louder than words!

  • raja jaffari

    why they are going to be agains govts whats the reason behind that ?these are the ppls who r talking money for this jop to make volince in the country ?so it gona be happned with them ? there is no need to go for a sach a matter ?remmeber a man who is good parson he os she never want volinces?got it every one ?

    • dot

      They are going against the government because they are not being treated properly. They are BAHRAINI, they are locals, and they have less rights than people being brought in from outside and being given citizenship! The bad people who are running the country keep oppressing the Bahraini locals and are friends of the worst dictators in the world! If you are against violence, why is the government killing innocent people?

      Stop being a hypocrite!

      • raja jaffari

        a parson who wants the peace he never come out of his home in volince my dear ?now got it

        • RE: raja

          The protesters have been entirely peaceful. It is the Bahraini government which is engaging in violence.

        • dot

          You sound like a Gadafi or Hosni Mubarak supporter. We are not stupid, and we are not blind like in the old days when there was no internet. We can see what the Bahraini government is doing to kill its citizens, and it deserves to be overthrown.

          First Tunisia and Egypt, now Libya and Yemen. Insha-Allah Bahrain is next!!!

    • mawlai ali

      U can’t speak English no one understand u. Shiaa are oppressed everywhere but that oppression will end one day…he’s going to come out and fix this corrupted world

  • Muslim90

    You people are insane pls stop provoking people.. and pray for peace in Bahrain.. I have starting hating protesters now.. by the way they are attacking Innocent people. Just spend your 9 minustes on this vidoe.. you find you inner Human.. Pls do watch it if you are a muslim or a human being.. Long live Kingdom of bahrain.

    TY BR a muslim not a shia or sunni

    • RE: Muslim90

      The Saudi and Bahraini government, not the protesters, are killing innocent people. The Saudis don’t even deny it; rather, their muftis have given fatwas saying it is permissible to kill the protesters!

    • dot

      That link you put up has NOTHING to do with the protesters being beaten up. It’s “The Arrivals”, a movie that has to do with the coming of the 12th Imam (a). If anything, the movie proves the government is bad, because so-called Muslim governments will be oppressing Muslims before his appearance, and one of the things these governments will do is fight against him because they do not want to submit to Allah. So your whole idea is messed up and wrong.

    • mawlai ali

      The only thing insane abt shiaa is their love for ahlul bayt..and we damn proud of it 🙂

  • Fizz

    I think the need to have the police force to control ppl only indicates to the fact that the protests were not peaceful. Apart from the protests which happen in public i think people also need to pay attention to the inner chaos these ppl are making by actually going into houses and creating turmoil.
    The leaders of Bahrain are very just and being a Muslim state there is no need to have protests in fact peaceful dialouges can work as well but if someone does not want peace then only will they move to other means then peaceful dialogues.

    • dot

      The leaders of Bahrain are NOT just. That is the problem. They do not listen to dialog and they kill people who disagree with them. This is not at all Islamic, and the Prophet would have opposed these leaders as being unjust. The government is set up so the ruler can change whatever the parliament says, whenever he wants just because he feels like it. This is so medieval.

      Sad to see some Muslims actually believe in the nonsense these moron “Muslim” leaders peddle.

    • RE: Fizz

      Dialogues?? How can you have dialogue when all the opposition leaders are jailed?!

    • Peace

      The Bahrain regime is systemically repressing the majority of its population. The majority of native population lives in poverty while the regime is gifting citizenship to and showering favors on foreigners to change demographic balance. It has invited foreign forces to kill and maim its own citizens. It’s attacking village by village killing and kidnapping people not even sparing women.
      This wave of protest will inshaAllah not subside until the majority gets their rights for which they are protesting.

      It’s sad to see the extent of bias and prejudice in people who are favoring the tyrannical regime while they call themselves Muslims. Have these people not read holy Quran which asks Muslims to be maintainers of justice:

      [Holy Quran, 3:135] ” O you who believe! be maintainers of justice, bearers of witness of Allah’s sake, though it may be against your own selves or (your) parents or near relatives; if he be rich or poor, Allah is nearer to them both in compassion; therefore do not follow (your) low desires, lest you deviate; and if you swerve or turn aside, then surely Allah is aware of what you do. “

      Those who are siding with unjust tyrannical regime will meet the same fate as that of unjust and tyranny.

  • Mohsen Danesh

    Down with Al Khalife & al Suedi
    The people must be know that the end this revelation the people be win and the GOD help them
    ان تنصره الله ینصرکم و یثبت اقدامکم
    الیس اصبح بقریبسذ8شط

  • hetler66

    Damn you al khalife & al suedi