What Makes Me Unique

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What Makes Me Unique is a really inspiring book. It is about how everybody in the world has different beliefs and religions, whether they are small or tall, young or old, or rich or poor. They act on what their beliefs tell them to do. Our religion tells us that females who are Baligha must cover their hair with a headscarf.

A girl becomes Baligha when she reaches the age of maturity, which is when she Islamically turns nine years old. Covering our hair is really important because, as the book states, Hijab protects us just like a shell protects its pearl.

Reading this book, I learned that just because someone does Hijab, it does not mean that they are different in a strange way, but that also does not mean that they are the same as everyone else either. They are a unique group that stands out from the “normal” crowd. Females who wear the Hijab should be proud to wear it and should be happy when people ask questions about it so they can also learn about Islamic beliefs and why we wear Hijab.

I would really recommend this book to others because this book teaches us about how our religion tells us to cover our hair with a scarf. Wearing Hijab tells people that you really believe in your religion and you act upon it. Your religion makes you unique and proud. Plus, you get rewarded by Allah for wearing the Hijab!

This is a great book, especially for the younger audience since it is really simple and easy to understand. It passes its message out to others in a clear way. In other words it is a very short and sweet book. So I would recommend others to pick up a copy and read it as soon as they get the chance to, because it’s one great book!

The book is available for purchase online.

Editor’s Note: Mahdiya Wazir is 10 years old, and is in grade 5 at Terry Fox Public School and grade 6 at East End Madressah. She likes to read books, do sports, and play games in her free time.

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