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Zakir Naik Draws Ire With Karbala Comments

Popularized among Muslims around the world via YouTube and other video-sharing websites, Dr. Zakir Naik is an Indian Muslim speaker who is famous for his television programs and public appearances, where he talks about and answers questions regarding Islam and religious issues of all sorts.  Recently, however, Naik made some rather controversial and inflammatory remarks, resulting in a 2-minute video clip that has begun circulating widely among discussion boards and chain emails around the Internet.

In response to a question about the Battle of Karbala at an Islamic peace conference in Sion, India, Naik said that there were “differences of opinion” among the Companions of the Prophet, and that the Battle of Karbala was a “political event”. Mentioning Yazeed’s name, Naik went even further and added “May God be pleased with him”, an invocation reserved for close Companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny).

Naik’s comments have created a firestorm in India and around the world. Both Shi’a and Sunni scholars have condemned his comments as inaccurate, inappropriate, and hurtful.

Safdar Karmali of the Mumbai Khoja Shia Ithna Ashari Jama’at commented that Naik had cheapened the message of Imam Hussain’s (peace be upon him) martyrdom by suggesting that he fought for political reasons.  Other South Asian  and international scholars, both Shia and Sunni, have also condemned his comments, saying that they come at a sensitive time for Shia-Sunni unity.

Meanwhile on the Internet, Naik’s comment spread like wildfire through chain emails and discussion boards.  An email originating from Minnesota commented that while Naik has always urged people to do their research on Islam before making up their minds about it, he himself had failed to do so in this situation.

“The truth is that Dr. Naik and many such so-called Islamic scholars, who are not guided by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Ahlul Bait (peace be upon them) can be misled and can mislead others due to the lack of knowledge, prejudice, evil self (Nafsil Ammarah), evil deeds and whispering of Satan,” the email concluded.

Most Sunni scholars and jurists, including Ibn Kathir, Ibn Taymiyya, and Ahmad bin Hanbal, have condemned Yazid and deemed it permissible to curse him.

Naik does not appear to have commented on the fiasco so far.

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  • Servant

    This is outrageous. People like this actually exist? If the wahhabis were bad, what is this? Because I thought the wahhabis base their opinions on Ibn Taymiyya and this article says that Ibn Taymiyya condemned Yazid and deemed it permissible to curse him!

  • Mohammed Rizvi

    How stupid can this bloke get? Where is the controversy? The Honb’le Khalifas Abu Bakr and Umar were in Saqifa Bani Sadaat and did not attend the Prophet’s funeral. Is there a controversy about that? These two luminaries took away fidak from Fatima? Is there a controversy about that? Abu Bakr lied through his teeth and quoted wrong Hadees from the Prophet to Fatima, saying “We the Prophets do not leave inheritance,” Is there a controversy about that? Yazid the Pig, killed Men Women & Children from the Prophet’s Household – 72 in all at Kerbala. Was it Political?
    Dr Naik, You have become too big for your Shoes! Go and say Istighfar, before….
    Mohammed Rizvi

    • irfan

      Don’t used abused language in public ..your nothing and cheap than donkey

      [quote name=”Mohammed Rizvi”]How stupid can this bloke get? Where is the controversy? The Honb’le Khalifas Abu Bakr and Umar were in Saqifa Bani Sadaat and did not attend the Prophet’s funeral. Is there a controversy about that? These two luminaries took away fidak from Fatima? Is there a controversy about that? Abu Bakr lied through his teeth and quoted wrong Hadees from the Prophet to Fatima, saying “We the Prophets do not leave inheritance,” Is there a controversy about that? Yazid the Pig, killed Men Women & Children from the Prophet’s Household – 72 in all at Kerbala. Was it Political?
      Dr Naik, You have become too big for your Shoes! Go and say Istighfar, before….
      Mohammed Rizvi[/quote]

  • Amir

    This is such an incredible disappointment, really, because I have looked up to Dr. Zakir Naik for quite some time, he’s amazing! Except of course something retarded like this… May Allah set his vision right insha’Allah




    • irfan

      Shame your self and be a muslim..

  • zaib

    being a shia of the prophet and his progeny i am ofcourse deeply disappointed by what mr naik has gone on to say.
    Also what makes it wayy shocking for me is that i used to deeply respect the guy and his efforts specially his debates! BUT there is this line that he has crossed and exposed his true faith!

  • Arslan

    well this is really disappointing

  • Irfan Ali

    Clearly, true colours have come out. Dr saab has identyfied his link to wahabiism whilst pretending to be a follower of ahly-sunnah. Shiites and sunnis alike have been united on this point, how great is the sacrifice of Imam Hussain. Islam needs to be cleansed of these evil minded munafiqs. Islam was a more peaceful system when occupied with the 5 main fiqhs, hanfi,shafi,maliki,hanbal and jafferiya. Wahabiism is spreading like cancer and destroying our religion from the inside.

    • irfan

      ILL lIterate person you are, your sick

  • Mohammad

    Allah knows the truth.Neither you nor me nor Dr zakir…

  • shahid rasool

    shame on you all for attaking each other if Dr Zakir has made a comment you dislike you should remain silent and address him with this issue and if you are still dissatisfied then pray for him and thank Allah swt for blessing us with dr zakir and all the wonderful work he has done for islam. no wonder muslims all around the world are suffering ,its because of people like you guys who only point out the bad and ignore all the good that one may do. what have you done for islam except for stir up more fitna in the umma have some shame, respect each other and fear Allah swt …. my love to all the umma…

    • khalid

      agar sare rah koi apke maan-baap ko gaaliyan dega to kya uske ane ghar par bulake chai nashta kara ke tab usse baatein karenge…………………yah wahin par gaaliyan denge……

  • Arsalan.Rizvi

    Br. Shahid Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatahu

    Regarding your comments:

    1. “you should remain silent”: a true believer is encouraged by Qur’an and the teachings of Islam to always speak up for the Truth. So, to tell us to remain silent may be your opinion, but certainly not that of the Qur’an!

    2. “address him with this issue”: numerous scholars and individuals have called on him to explain himself, but he has refused to issue any sort of explanation, retraction or apology for his comments.

    3. “all the wonderful work he has done for islam”: yes, he has been very vocal in explaining Islam to many people, but he has also unjustly and unfairly attacked the teachings of other religions. Just because we might not agree with what others believe does not give us the right to brazenly spew hate about their beliefs. Furthermore, Dr. Naik has issued several laudatory statements regarding Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, and I am not sure how that falls within serving Islam.

    4. “what have you done for islam except for stir up more fitna in the umma”: Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) is not a Shia hero. Sunni narrators record the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) as having said: “Hassan and Hussain are the leaders of the youth of paradise.” In addition, the Prophet on numerous occasions has said: “Hussain is from me, and I am from Hussain.” The killers of Hussain should be condemned, because they brutally slaughtered the grandson of the Holy Prophet and his family. In addition, Yazid was a drunkard, an adulterer, and a Fasiq (an open sinner) as recorded by Sunni historians, including Tabari. To speak of Yazid in praiseworthy terms is speaking in praiseworthy terms of a Fasiq. This is against the core values of “upholding the Truth” that Islam teaches, and any individual who commits such an act should be openly denounced and condemned.

    Wassalam Alaikum.

  • shahid rasool

    br Ya Hussain Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatahu
    could you please try and find anything positive in my comments because i think you are taking it the wrong way and that’s what i was talking about this is what we do, we love attacking one another. if you so wished you could have see the bigger picture, i mean no disrespect at all my brother i just feel we need to be more wise in today’s day and age and help each other. Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatahu

  • Ya Hussain

    Br. Shahid:

    Shaitan worshiped Allah for thousands of years before showing his arrogance that one time. Using your analogy, we should not condemn Shaitan (for a minor slip) and look at the bigger picture (of major ibadaat), right?? The fact of the matter is that regardless of one’s previous record, when (s)he does something this grave, (s)he has to be called out for it. Wassalam.

  • Kashif

    It hits me how much mud and venom we have got – to sling at each other
    Now Dr Naik has done a great service in the past and i hope he continues.
    You guys treat him like he’s Salman Rushdie or something
    As per the prevelent knowledge Dr Naik has made a does everyone else
    He should apologize
    or if he really knows something extra or has a different line of reasoning ,he should let the world know what it is

    But I see guys overreacting
    I see a “How stupid can this bloke get” – well YOU must be extremly intelligent to make that knd of statement
    cause you havent have half the degrees this “bloke” has

    “how can I not react” – yeah sure u can but thats the only kind of reaction u know – to strike at whatever’s nearest -thats what causes the internal conflicts amongst us that – making us look so stupid in others eyes – can u even blame them then?
    Remember the reactions when the cartoon controversy erupted.Well i guess everyone wanted his own piece of action!
    Thats the problem – we(almost everyone including myself) act without a gameplan . We do a bit of HOOHAA and then it fizzles out ,nothing concrete achieved.

    Stop this mudslinging ,this collective shooting in the foot,cause these are internal fractures that are fast becoming gaping fissures

    while a few muslim countries are being attacked , others either watch in glee(cause they were former enemies) or help the agressors or turn their faces away
    look at the jews – they are now a powerful people after their very existance was threatened

    Sure you can react – everyone does – but keep the greater good in sight- you are vilifying the most well known television evangalist of Islam – who was won debates against big scholors of other religions
    some sane voices like amir , muhammad and shahid have brought a semblence of sanity and civility to the discussion

  • sana

    i think if we discuss what is commom btw us things would become easier.

  • Servant

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Imam Hussain [peace be upon him] is indeed the leader which is common between us (Muslims)…

    The reason why the brothers, and myself, are upset over Dr. Naik’s comments is because what he is saying contradicts what is common amongst Muslims. Sure, it may be true that we might approach this issue more tactically, as other brothers have mentioned, however, falsehood announced openly should be condemned openly.

    Actually, one reason Imam Hussain [peace be upon him] rose up against Yazid was because Yazid openly committed falsehood.


  • sana

    We should not forget that Hazrat Imam Hussain’s(RA) sacrifice is an extreme case of tolerance and faith in Allah. People out here show a lot of love towards Hazrat Imam Hussain (may peace ,mercy and blessings of Allah be upon him)but none has got enough tolerance to avoid the matter which is only gaining reputation by these controversies.

  • sana

    and may i know who are these wahabies whom u all curse so much.By d way someone wrote that some wahabies have destroyed the graves of Ahlul-Bait(pbut).But i have seen the graves of Ahlul-Bait(pbut)maintained in jannat-ul-baqi.

  • Servant

    Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barkaatuh,

    Sister Sana, you speak of tolerance… This issue deals with amr bil ma’roof and nahiy ‘anil munkar (enjoining good and forbidding evil). You may argue that tolerance can fall into place when there is a greater harm from forbidding the evil (meaning, on a secondary basis).

    However, when there is munkar, apparent, in public, and there are people who are being misguided by the munkar (words), it is a duty upon the Muslims to denounce the munkar. The Prophet [S] has said, and Muslims agree on this, “The one amongst you who sees munkar, then he/she should change it with his/her hand. If he/she cannot, then with his/her tongue. If he/she cannot, then in his/her heart -and that is the weakest of faith.”

    This is not something where we see a Muslim brother/sister doing something wrong in private and try to conceal the defect. This is an apparent, public munkar.

    This matter gains reputation by denouncing it -true. But why is that a bad thing? Indeed, all should know that this is nonsense and an injustice to the religion of Islam. Again, this is not a controversy in Islam. Muslims, sunni and shi’ah, denounce Yazid.

    The “wahabies” whom you said “u all curse so much” are those who deserve to be cursed for violating direct commands of the Prophet [S] and the Holy Qur’an. Regardless of what the google search may say, when Muslims curse “wahabies,” they mean to curse those who have made aggression against the family of the Prophet [S] and their followers. For the sake of argument, if someone claims to be a wahhabi and, yet, does not hold such beliefs, that person is not the type being cursed (by the way, I didn’t curse anyone).

    As for your question about those who wrote that some “wahabies” have destroyed the graves of Ahlul-Bait (pbut), please refer to the history of the wahhabi movement for examples (meaning, the comment doesn’t neccessarily mean the “wahabies” have destroyed the graves present in jannat-ul-baqi now).

    With regard to the school of wahhabism and that wahhabi movement, please refer to:

    Note: I have made a distinction between the common reference to “wahabies” and the Wahhabi school of thought (just for the sake of academic discourse).


  • Servant

    Sorry, the strikethrough was an accident. I didn’t mean for it to strikethrough.

  • Dr. Haider Hallauri

    It is very shocking statement by Dr. Zakir Yazid (not Naik). This is sheer non-sense, just to get some cheap media coverage, here. But certainly he would get ‘Jahannum/Hell’ hereafter. Had it been a Islamic System of Governance in true sense (under ahlebait Alaihissalam), he would have been prosecuted.

    We wish him to be a companion of Yazid during Roze-Mahshar. Dr. Zakir must be happy with this. But actually he wouldn’t because he know the truth but behaves like a True Yazidi. One for whom this world is everything not the life hereafter.

    Any body who praise Yazid is ‘lanatullah so as Dr. Zakir’.

  • Dr. Haider Hallauri

    Dear Shahid, ASAK

    Dear Islam is a just religion. It is cimplete and is immune to any worldly threats because the prophets and Imams (ahlebaits PBUT) have sacrificed their lives for it. So you need not show the external threats to a true muslim. In islam things are very simple, something is either ‘right – HAQ’ or ‘wrong – BATIL’, no third thing. And this is the fundamental principal which differentiates ‘HASAINIYAT’ from ‘YAZIDIYAT’.

    Now you can analyse Zakir’s act on this ‘mizan’. He is evil and must be condemned loudly and clearly. He is no less culprit than Salman Rushdie or Taslima Nasreen.


  • Syed Urooj Mehdi

    Dear friends
    Salam alekum
    It seems that Zakir Naik has only read Quran.He doesn’t know its meaning, Ironically. While Quran is meant for understanding. And in praising Yazeed he is only prasing his linage, whom everybody including Allah curse.
    (Evil persons will be part of hell)
    Sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his followers for Islam can never be lowered by such attempts.In fact this will only glorify Imam’s name, because people and new generation will try to read about Imam Hussain,Islamic history and Yazeed in this way.

  • guest



    I know sometime its hard to accept things, specially when they are with us from 1300yrs. MayBE its a political war but we don’t want to accept it, becuase we are so possasive about it. let me tell you; like 10yrs back we were discussing incident Karbala and by looking at all it facts, we came up a conclusion that it was a political war, but then we stopped there because of whatever we believed since our whole life. BUT BELIEVE ME EVEN KNOWING ITS A POLITICAL WAR MY SORROW NEVER GO DOWN. MY RESPECT TO KARBALA IS ALWAYS THERE “AS IT IS”

    please don’t take me wrong ( I know some of you will consider me or even condemned me). I always leave a space for others opinion but i never change my core belifes unless its mention in Quran and Hadiya. As Dr Naik said ” don’t follow followers, follow the Quran” and I do the same and believe same. Becuase if my ancestors didn’t leave there followers, I might not be born muslim.


    LASTLY. this is my request to all of you. Please don’t challege/condemned Dr.Naik knowlege until the matter gets solve, if non muslim will read all this they might stop listening to him. He is good in DAWA. and people IF ONLY “IF”
    supose we all are wrong then we will one of those ” jo zameen mein fasad philate hain.” and responsible for all of those whom stop listen to DR.naik and won’t converts to ISLAM. Now a days we need DAWA. And most Mulla they don’t do DAWA, all they do politics and blaming…..

    P.S. discusion like this need toralance and lots of patience.Before saying things about other, it is important to talk to them first. after that if we are wrong we should accept and if he is worng is should change.

    ALSO, instead of just saying, post the facts that can prove it was not a political war so people do understand. I really want to know, as mentioned early, me and a group of ppl thought once that it was a political war. I watched condemned conference in youtube they din’t give any fact that can support it was not a political war.
    EVEn if it was a political war then whats a big deal? political wars can be a righteous. whatever happened in KARBALA was wrong and brutal.


  • guest


    DR. Haider sir, if you consider your self a perfect or even good muslim then you should know, we muslim have NO right to call other muslim a “KAFIR” or even “EVIL.” THE GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL DECIDE BETWEEN ALL OF US. SO BEST WE NEED TO DO IS WAIT FOR THE JUDGMENT DAY. AND WE WILL GET WHAT WE DONE.


    I don’t know what is in your heart. Maybe whatever you are saying is pure or maybe NOT. why should I listen to you? I don’t know what GOOD YOU HAVE DONE FOR ISLAM? Are you doing DAWA? HAVE you converted non-muslim? I know nothing. As far as DR. ZAIKR Naik concern; he gave his whole life to islam and after giving so much i don’t think so he desver these type of acknolegment. People like you only creates problems and make things worse. Flaming other mind is not something Islam tought me. I will definatly know first why he said that, even if he made a mistake I will forgive him. Becuase we need him. World need him. Islam need him.


  • Dr.Asma Tariq

    Dr. Zakir’s blooper only goes to reiterate that only annd only Allah alone is infallible and even the most knowledgeable and globally lauded amongst us are not free of errors. Dr Zakir probably had knowingly or unknowlingly become arrogant rather smug about his accomplishments so Allah made him commit a huge blunder to put him back on ground. I for one was always awestruck by his knowledge and absolute command over his text and thoughts and had begun to treat his word as a final authority going by the amount of research he puts in:but Imaa equally shocked at how a global preacher like him who ‘d want to put Islam’s best foot forward considering the tremendous responsibility he chose to shoulder come with something so shocking like this. Didn’t he know what astorm he wud be creating. Even if he felt that way deep down tact demanded that he should have remained mum about it. Ima a syed Sunni and date my Shajra back to Imam Moosa Kazim , as such I have always had a deep regard and reverance for Imam Hussain and co , yazeed’s character is no hidden tale and Ive often wondered how he could perpetrate such an act against the living kin of the prophet .In my opinion they should’ve gotten state protection whereber they went and shu’ve been treated tlike royals!!!! What Yazeed did was unpardonable and we shud all unanimously agree upon that —its as simple as that . Dr Zakir should immediately issue a retracting statement if he wants to nip thus Fitna in teh bud. He should put the record straight for the sake of all his gushing fans like me. I still am his biggest fan , I just want him to get down from the pedestal he is aloft theses days , he should remeber the great onus he has on himself—that of Bainul Islami unity—if he alone wud be the cause of shattering that it wud be ironical . He shud just not fray into controversial topics–even the best of scholars have not hesitated to say WALLAHO ALAM .

  • nazir ali

    you should be ashamed of of yourselves for being so ignorant…. Dr Naik has done so much for Islam and we behave like dogs condemning him…who knows maybe Dr Naik is right all along as maybe Yazid became Muslim after the cruelty or the killings and Allah forgives every one who asks for forgiveness… it is we whose hearts are sealed and do not forgive…so leave that to Allah and let Dr Naik do his job.. because stupid idiots like us who call people like Dr Nike who call people to Islam “wahabis,bad and so on… grove up or Allah will punish you!!! for Dr Naik is calling people to Islam and we’re not when we all should be like him….

    • bahlul

      It is preposterous to say that may allah be pleased with yazeed this implies that Dr Zakir Nalayak is funded by WAHABIS apperently his statement that the battle in karbala was a political this proves his is naive and will remain.


  • Mohammed

    Dear all,

    I am a muslim, Who submit my will to Allah.
    I am the Servant of Allah & the follower of My Beloved prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
    I Fear with Allah Alone ,How Excellent the protector he is…..
    Dr Zakir Naik is the Learned Speaker on Islam. First thing we should Know What to Comment on the Speaker like him with basis of Truth not on Emotions.
    Who are we to Curse him or tell him that he has done wrong. We have to condemn who had killed Imam hussain(May allah be pelased with him). But Yazid may or may not be be the killer, So there are many Opinions on this subject. So We should realize that Allah has best Knowledge about it. so we should not curse other muslims on this matter. Allah we hold you account if you curse. Allah will not hold you account for not cursing Yazid.
    Allah is most Forgiving & Merciful. His will is important why should we fight on this subject.
    First be unite & Call yourself “Muslim” Not Sunni , Shia or Hanafi etc.

    Take care of your parents & other needy muslims , help them , feed them.
    We should follw allah commandments rather than indulge in islamic division & fight among our brothers.


  • khwaja

    dear friends….

  • khwaja

    shame on u guys who is pointing zakir’s education and his dawaa…………………………………atleast zakir has got his identity ……..he has got the guts to answer anything, which no non muslim scholar has ever done………..before saying him wrong check out in yours heart .,DO you hav the guts to answer like zakir does?hav u read the quran,vedas ,bible……which zakir has done……………ok even if we agree that zakir is wrong(as an argument) then i ask u one question ……..HAVE U FORGOTTEN HIS 99 GOOD WORKS HE HAS DONE? this is total rubbish .if anyone have guts to prove then prove it infront of the world not through chain emails and other media???

  • khwaja

    before pointng one finger to zakir ..just watch three fingers are ponting u……

  • Najibullah

    I hope Dr. Naik made a mistake and realized it. This is an issue that will tear Muslims of all schools of Islamic jurisprudence apart. In the past 1200 more or less years of the event of Karbala, we had great scholars and Foqahas who had debated and were unable to solve this issue, and they just marked it as a dark point of the history in Islam. Now the issue of this magnitude that will brings nothing but hatred and disunity among Muslim brothers won’t be resolved and is really stupid that to ask questions and deliver answers, because there is no answer to keep the scale of logic even. I am looking forward that Mr. Naik openly re-comment about the issue and accept that he made a mistake. May Allah help us all to succeed in our lives under the flag of our great Profit, Mohammad (saw) and live in unity and brotherhood.

  • Najibullah

    Let’s try to forgive our brother Zakir’s mistake and keep in mind that what he had done so far for the Islam. As Muslims, it’s our responsibility to forgive someone’s mistake as our greatest teacher of all Muslims’ Muhammad Mustafa (saw) did and taught/command us as Muslims to do. Comment and bringing up matters, as are being written by our brothers so far, will draw the hatred and disunity among us, Muslims, which will not damage us but the Islam. Let’s do what we are commanded by Hazrat (Hadrat) Muhammad Mustafa (saw); and let the Almighty Allah (JJ) do the Judgment.
    Forgive! Forget! And forgive!

  • rational

    Comment by the learned Scholar regarding the most beloved son of Holy Prophet(SAWW) exposed to the world one alarming truth. Dr Nayek along with millions of muslims around the world are holding the same view as expressed by him.
    So it is the duty all muslims to reach to this millions by what ever means available to us and prove to them that there no need to for one to be a muslim without understanding the meaning of the strugle of Imam Hussain(AS). We can blame the Dr. but then how can we blame the millions to whom the message has not reached yet. May allah help the muslims in this.

  • Akhi Deedat

    I am Akhi Deedat, coming from Indonesia, the country which has the largest moslem population in the world.
    Dr. Zakir has spent his years spreading the truth of Islam to almost every places in this beloved earth.
    He has done a great Da’wah, which is not easy for him to travel from one place to another and deliverede the truth of Islam either to the muslim or to non muslim.
    He gave a very-very great contribution for many people and cleared many wrong accusation regarding Islam.
    He has a very wide knowledge about Islam and other religions. Here, in Indonesia, his name is very respected by many moslem scholars.
    As a human, it is very natural if a person did a mistake. there is no man in this world who had lived without doing any mistake.
    Only Allah Swt knows the real truth.
    And many Indonesian muslim have the same thought like Dr. Zakir.
    It is not our duty to spread hatred to our muslim brothers.
    Allah Swt had forbidden us to condemn our brothers and sisters, especially to those who had given a big contribution for the da’wah of Islam.
    In fact, it is our duty to keep their name remain honoured.
    If you consider that there is something wrong about what Dr. Zakir has said, no need to tell it in front of many people, you can ask directly to him or to his Islamic foundation via e-mail, letter or direct communication.
    May Allah Swt unites all of the moslem in this world and shows the ultimate truth of Islam to every human in this world.

    Your brother in Islam.


  • Badar


    Okay before i commenting,
    I want to ask one question, What you feel or what you do if some abouse your father or mother without any reason????

    I read several comments that Dr. zakir is foolish, he has no knowledge of Islam, he insult prophet(PBUH)–etc., etc.

    Zakir Naik use Radiallah to Yazid, what a protest we see wow….
    But what for those who abuse our loving Khalifas like Hazrat Abubakr Siddiqe Radiallah, Hazrat Umar Farook Radiallah, Hazrat Usman Radiallah and Our Prophet(PBUH)’s most loving wife Hazarat Aisha Radiallah. Did we do protest against those? NO!

    Remember if you curse someone and on the day of judgement ALLAH say that you cursed a muslim than……… But if You wish someone who is a shaitan Allah will not accept your praise, simple.

    Actually the main problem is that today Dr. Zakir become an International personality, people like this wants to use his popularity to get name and fame.

    Will you tell me what you give to Islam? Will you tell me the meaning of Suah Al-Asr in Quraan? Have you dare to invite any nonmuslim toward Islam? Have you dare to answer the nonmuslim about misconception in Islam at public stage?

    If your ans is no than please keep your mouth shut, and please let him do his work…

    If you did not accept the Islamic teachings in correct mannanr than please dont become like Abu Jahal atleast behave like Abu Talib…….


  • Parviz Mirbaghi

    Dr. Naik, don’t you think you owe Muslims in general an explanation because your remark on Zaid puts you in a similar category as Abu Jahl. May Allah bring all of us enlightenment.

  • afrin siddiqui

    why to blame zakir naik if you yourself dont know sacred events and history i ask before blaming others look youreself .

  • frequent reader

    Dear brothers, Abu Talib was clearly a Muslim. If you studied history more, you would know that the people you are mentioning with praise were not ‘loving khalifas’ but rather ruthless in seeking power and oppressing others. Prophet Muhammad, (pbuh) was so upset with Aisha and Hafsa that he wanted to divorce them. It says this in the Quran, not some Shia book. Please see chapter 66 verse 3 about how the Prophet was betrayed by these two wives when he told him a secret. You should not blame anyone for pointing out what is in the Quran, it is your problem that you cannot explain it

  • Sahil

    I read it some where, please go n check he did say sorry.

  • shoaib cheema

    To know in depth Dr. Zakir Naik please read book “Islam Aik –Insan Aik” in Urdu language. This book consists of 110 Questions & Answers of Dr. Naik on various issues.
    You may get it by post
    Contact: 92-300-9555081

  • Parviz Mirbaghi

    I meant “remark on Yazid,” not “zaid.”

    Also, thank you Sahil for your informative comment.

  • Naqvi

    What a PIG this Dr. Naik has turned out to be…..LANAAAT Beshumar on Yazid and his followers!!

  • mohammed.husain

    We should maintain a level of conduct even with those who we perceive to be our enemies. Name calling such as that mentioned above achieves very little and only tarnishes our image, much more than it does his. We end up looking like the extremists, though we may be in dismay at the wildness and silliness of his position on the tragedy of Karbala.

    I’ve listened to Zakir Naik speak on various subjects. And on the subjects on which he speaks he isn’t bad. His specialty isn’t Islamic history, but rather polemics with respect to those skeptical of religion and those Hindus who misunderstand Islam. He does seem dedicated to Islam as he understands it, this seems indisputable- and his main concern has never been to bash Shi’as, though he may very well hold the standard Salafi positions with respect to Shi’as.

    We should place Zakir Naik into the context in which he belongs. In all likelihood he has been under the sway of Salafis, which means the thought and positions of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya. Ibn Taymiyya is well known for his hostility towards the Shi’a and also for taking very silly positions with respect to the tragedy of Karbala. He is in all likelihood inheriting these positions, so rather than condemning him as a person outright ( we should of course condemn his position), our first assumption should be his ignorance. Sunnis generally aren’t well aware of the complexities of early Islamic history, unless they’ve studied it in depth. They tend to idealize and glorify the early days of Islam, and so we should keep all this in mind when we confront his statements. He might very well be making this statement out of ignorance. We need to inform him instead of wishing him the fire.

  • m fraz

    this was the war of right and wrong and every one knows who is right these coments shows that yazeedi generation is alive

  • Zakir Fan

    you have spoken out against the jews 🙂

  • jahangeer

    Jo Log Kalma Par Kar Bhi Nahi Samjhe Ki muhammadur rasool allah wo log hamare kehne se kya sudhre ge mere dil se ye baddua hai ki SARKAR SHAH E KARBALA HAZRAT IMAM HUSSAIN ki shan me gustkhi karne wala kabr se hashr tak zalil hota rahe taklife sehta rahe aameen—–

    Huzur S A W ki ahle bait ke liye hum apni jaan kurban kar denge magar in( Zaki Naik) yazid ke kutto ki bato per yakeen nahi karenge

    ye aisa is liye kar rahe hai kyo ki wahabiyo ko dozakh ki aag jo sulgana hai

    • shoaib

      quote name=”shoaib”Jo insaan kalme me kami ya zyadti karta hai wo muslim nhi phele shia apne kalme ko dheek kare phir duniya ko islam sikhae

  • hadiqa

    Dr. Zakir bhaai !
    aap ka boohot boohot shukiya ke aap ne itine aache tareke se islam ka pagam logon tak pohncha
    rahe hain .
    allah aap ko lumbi ommer de ke aap islam ko isi taran phalaten rahen aur……..
    app ko akharat main kamiyabi melai (aameen)

  • shuja Shah

    Asalam o elekum. I was a great fan of Dr Zakir Naik and i still think what he has achieved and done a lot for Islam in his life, and it is appreciatable. He has done a lot. But after I heard his speech about Yazid, it just broke my heart. Because getting into a political war or anything like that is a topic that is far away to discuss. The first point to be and the main important after which there is no doubt left in my mind what he said was right or wrong. God forgive me if I can’t put the exact words but its like this when the Prophet(p.b.u.h) said If any one loves Imam Hussain(r.a) he loves me and if any one who even keeps dislikeness for him in his heart actually dislikes the prophet (p.b.h.u). After this hadith there is no doubt left in my mind, whats wrong and whats right. May Allah guide Dr. Zakir naik and all of us.

  • ………

    Zaki Naik’s true colours have finally come out. He has been exposed for his true thoughts as an ignorant, person who in spite of knowing a lot about islam, has refused to acknowledge the basic facts. KHUDA KEE LAANAT ho Dushmanan-e-Ahl-e Bayt (A.S.) par. There is no excuse for ignorance in case of someone of his iconic celebrity status who trumps about claiming to be a know it all scholar. May Allah grant those people Jannah and much prosperity who stand up to fraudsters like Zakir Naik. (ILLAHU AMEEN)

  • ………

    *Zakir Naik

  • rani

    no doubt dr zakir has been ma ideal personality regarding how he has served islam uptil now but the sort of language he has used about the karbala does nt suit a great muslim scholar like him. its true dat the difference of opinion lies about karbala bt it does nt allow any body to brazenly say that Imam Hussain fought 4 political reasons. how can a person, who has been proclaimed by Allah Almighty as the leader of all the jannti men, b political minded. on the other hand we can not put all the efforts done by naik in order to refuute the misconceptions about islam aside and point 2wards the only mistake done by him! the only think that made him think in that way is the true historical knowledge about the karbala event n the presence of difference of opinion. in my opinion this much harsh n abusive language about the reviver of Islam is unnecessary

  • ………

    you’re incorrect there when you say that ” the true historical knowledge that way “…..Zakir Naik has never “revived” Islam, and please don’t ever say that he will ever do that. He has no knowledge about Islam, and don’t defend someone who tries to silence the truth. You yourself are aware of Imam Hussain’s (A.S.) noble mission, so why do you even bother to defend someone as ignorant as this man (Naik?). You have praised Mawla Hussain (A.S.)’s mission, and you yourself are contradcting your very own belief by going back over your statement in this last thought of yours. There are only 2 possible accounts of Karbala, the truth or blatant lies. Zakir Naik has openly supported the blatant lies. Period. You cannot deny that, or cover up for what he has said. Naik’s credibility is open to question from here on in. Frankly speaking, his latest views only confirmed what many of us thought.

  • Syed Qasim Ali Rizvi

    ya ak afsose ke bat ha ka Yazid ko (R.A). ku ka karbala ka waqe ka bad yazid ne khud kaha ta ka “Hum ne aj Bader ka badla la lya ha’ or is kute ne ku kaha ka wo ak political jang te

  • ………

    bilkul theek farmaya Qasim bhai aap nay. Yeh aadmee (Naik) bohot Khabees hai, aur yaqeenan paka JHOOTA hai. Maula Hussain (A.S.) ZINDABAAAD!

  • jam

    i have so much to say about kafir naik:sad: you make me sik, you lying little torag, have you seen the state of you, you kabees your an ugly discusting looking thing, you look like a burnt mouse. Kamine dont you dare disrespect islam, your a kafir and you trying to get innocent people on your side you and your people no exactly who you are, nickers am telling you 1 thing don mess with islam, dont forget you are goina die one, life after death will grip propely and theres no mercy for u and your kafir yadiz what a shit name and his muppits. you are mixed with kafirs, and you aint gne fool public by your so call innocence. if a was at your show i will chuck shyt and piss on you and make sure open your mouth and put shit inside it, make you taste it you ramii kanjar, suur, badthshaklaa. your a bad smell everywehere so get lost and have a wash, you stinky filthy muck… Av you got any dauthers, or a wife who i cud date they probaly dont like the bad smell they have to put up with, uuuuffffff you dirty animal gette away. you voice is so squiqqqy gets through ya, but your bullshit dusnt get thru, you a discrase. truth can not be hidden for ever nikkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeyy up urs.

  • Sr. Nicole Correri

    Salam Alaikum, In writing a press release for IIC awhile back, I realized it was a golden opportunity to give the controversial comments about Islam made by a well known figure in the US [b]LESS[/b] press time. I chose to focus on an academic scholar who really had something substantial to say, while also using his quotes to discredit the negative commentator. I would recommend the same for you in your next pieces about any controversial comments from public figures. Instead of posting Naik’s picture for example, research and highlight a strong scholar or academic who can easily and accurately refute the inaccuracies. Post his or her photo and his or her scholarly works. You also help to bring academic and scholarly work to the fore of public discourse, instead of unfounded yet somehow prevalent misinformation.

  • munawar

    evrybody knows that not only in karbala, yazeedi soldiers killed thousands of muslims including renowned suhabas in madina after the karbala happened.he was doing every evil deed and portraying it as islam. and finally he has got a follower in the world. that is zakir naik. May allah give him the company of yazeed in world hereafter.

  • Syed Raja

    Dear friends,


    Dr Naik is a gaint in comparitive religion. He can demolish the theories of Hindus, Christians like a pack of cards. But u cannot deny the fact that he is a practicing salafi so he will lean more towards the salafi school of thought rather than the sunni muslim thought. If he is an follower of salafi school of thought then you can be assured that he does no follow reasoning which he preaches to all. May allah bless him with power of reasoning. when he rubbishes the hindu & christian god he himself follows the salafi god who attribute that god has hand, legs, face and he sits on throne etc. they have no answer to ” I am closer to you than your jugular vein”.

  • sageer ahmad

    ASWK, First thing that Shiya Community is not a belevable community for Islam. His Ancistor killed Imam Hasan & Husain. So how can we beleive on his statement .They do not believe on Hajrat Abu Bakar or Hajrat Umar ( may Allah be please with them). My advise to them to go to history back and analyse again and find who is actully accused of killing of our Imams.

    • bahlul

      Att; Sageer Ahmed. It seems you are the followers of those who ‘ve killed the grandson of our prophet. It is better to prove that Shi’as ‘ve killed Imama[a.s] otherwise you and your speeker Zakir Nalayak are illitrate.


  • sageer ahmad

    As I know about Zakir Naik he is one of the best scholar about Islam . This is not compulsory to join any Madarsa to gain Islamic knowledge . Its depend Allah & on your efforts to get knowledge about Islam like Dr. Israr Ahmad. Mr. Naik is doing it very well. Every noble man has a lot of enemy like Prophet Mohd. saws, I m not saying that Naik & Prophe tMohd. saws are same . He is only humble & truly follower of Prophet Mohd. saws. May Allaha be please with him.

  • khan

    In that period no political issue there are where he found.
    May allah bless him.

  • Sameer

    Message for every muslim

    In qura’an Allah (swt) says that (aaye nabi aap kehdijiye agar koi allah (swt) say muhabbat rakhta hai to ussay chahiye kay aapki baargah mein aajaye tab allah(swt) usko apna mehboob banalega. And the most and most important thing is that the three questions of the grave being a muslim we will be able to answer the two questions and the third question will be about our beloved prophet (sas) our prophet (sas) will be shown us by the angels and they will ask about him (pbuh) if any body will recognize him then there will be a good news for him (pbuh) and if any body will not recognize him (pbuh) then there will be a bad news for him regarding hazrath hussain hum sab ko pata hai kay woh hamaray nabi (sas) kay chahitay aur aapkay jigar kay tukday thay aur aap (sas) nay farmaya jo mere ahle bayt say muhabbat rakhta hai main aur allah ussay muhabbat rakhta aur jo ahle bayt say dushmani karayga woh allah aur uskay rasool ka gustakh hoga jaisay yazeed (aur uskay chahnay walay)

    Isliye Zakir Naik aur uskay chahnay walon nay apni muhabbat ka izhaar kardiya kay woh kissay muhabbat kartay hai (sahi bukhari mein ahaadees hai kay nabi (sas) nay farmaya jisko jissay muhabbat hogi ho ussi kay saat hoga (agar kisi ko yazeed (laanat hai usper) say muhabbat hogi to yaqenan who uskay saath hoga aur jisko (hamaray pyaray hazrath Hussain (pbuh) say muhabbat hogi inshallah woh unhi kay saat hoga.

    Zakir Naik ki wajhay say aaj kitnay musalmaan yazeed ko laanat bhejnay ki bajaye us per phool barsaaray in sab ka sawaab e jaariya Zakir Naik kay sar per hai

    Hum ko chahiye ki Zakir Naik ho ya koi aur jo baat kahe woh sahi samajh kar usko blindly believe na karay aur uski enquiry karay isliye is comments mein jitney log bhi hai woh sab apna aqeedah allah (swt) uskay rasool (sas) aur unkay ahle bayt ki taraf karlay na kay Zakir Naik ki taraf kyunki woh hamari qabar mein humko bachaanay keliye nahi aayega


    very disappointing news … Imam Hussain knew very well , he and his family members will be killed , do you think for political reason he will sacrifice his family members among 6 months old son , 4 yr daughter , 18 yr old son and others, just research on this matter and do tauba, just donot preach untill nad unless to know the truth,may Allah help you in this matter…AMEEN.

  • SAJ


  • 123

    yea, Yazeed is probably preparing a welcome partaay for you! =D

  • shah pal

    this is first time some one in muslim scholar come up with some thing to till
    muslim around the world to think openley obout two war first one between
    ali and ashia and second war between hussain and yazid who is right and
    who is worng try to understand in this two war both side are muslim

  • shah pal


  • Aff

    Why all the minorities are brutally attacked by wahabi / Sunni almost wahabi . They have attacked Shias , christans , Hindus , ahamedees , why are all Sunnis never attacked by bomb or bullets or khudkush .
    This is called ethenic cleansing og genocide. Since Sunnis have a special Islamic meter to check others so except them every body is kafir and must be killed.
    I’ve never liked naik paid mullah of Saudis to posion the mindless.

  • ismail

    zakir naik the voice is the true voice of this age ,he conveys the message of peace ,he communicates humanity in the way shows by muhammad(saw),but some black sheeps of muslim ummah want to prevent this truth fearly,because they know if people knows the reality they cant stand any more ,for their selfish benifits .if you let you know what is right and what is wrong .then you must have to read holy quran and prophet muhammads life and sayings ,dont follow blindly any one without reference .then you see where if the wrong.

  • ismail

    DR ZAKIR NAIK ALLAH IS BLESSED HIM FOR THIS GOOD JOB HE is the true voice of this age ,he conveys the message of peace ,he communicates humanity he didnt support terrorism,but some black sheeps of society muslims and non muslims.iif they get 100 s of years insha allah they willnot reach where,reached the zakir. the jealousy flows in their hearts and minds they follows blindly their mullas and babas .it is fact when you read quran you will get the truth that supports zakirs views not these wrong doers. dear reader you have a brain and heart youwill understand well what is wrong and what is good pls study quran and sunnah .then you must read holy quran and prophet muhammads life and sayings ,dont follow blindly any one without reference .then you see to whom you support .

    • bahlul

      Att’ Ismail. In the age of blind the one with an eye is seen to be a learned but the thruth is Zakir nalayak is not legitimate child otherwise he would not ‘ve said such stupid statement. just dont endorse without evidence. Wahabis ‘ve cracked the Islam.

  • also known as .

    Ismail, the people who follow Zakir Naik and other people like him who praise Yazid are black sheeps with Allah. Yazid was a kafir and even a person who has only read a little bit of Quran can see that. You are the one who is blindly following Zakir Naik!

    Anyway, I would rather be a black sheep with this ummah, than a black sheep with the Prophet and his Ahlul-Bait. Popularity with people is not the basis by which Allah likes or abhores a Muslim.

  • Rehan

    I am surprised that the gentelman writing the article uses (Peace be upon him) for Hazrat Hussain (RAW) a phrase only used for the prophets of Allah SBW, but he has problems with Dr. Zakir saying “May God be pleased with him” for Yazeed.
    We have been misguided about the events of Karballa by a particular group. It is about time that we come out of under the influence of the traditionalists and study the history and the events surrounding that unfortunate incident. If we seriously do that we will see that Dr. Zaikr Naik only presented the true facts. May Allah SBW guide us to the truth and help us shed our prejeduices.

  • also known as .

    There is no problem in saying peace be upon him for Imam Hussain because he deserves it and is one of Allah’s representative. The problem is saying may God be pleased with him for a tyrant damned to hell like Yazeed who fought against the Prophet’s family, a family that is explicitly blessed by God in the Quran (33:33).

    Get your facts straight.

  • Sekinah

    Wallahi, I do not really understand never have I heard too much about
    the battle of Karbala. However, this is what I have to say based on the way
    many people are reacting to this. We are all humans, and Allah has made us
    imperfect. We are prone to errors, and when a fellow muslims makes an
    error, we reprimand him and correct him/make him aware of his mistake. We
    should not pass judgements on people, and we should not place curses on
    them, but leave it to Allah. Wa’llahu A’lam

    • Hasnain Shirazi

      There are two tribes Banu Hasim and Banu Umaya. Banu Hashim ws blessed for their devotion to Allah and good deeds and Bbanu Umaya was cursed becuase of their evilness. Abu Sufiyan is from Bbanu Umaiya and Prophet Muahmmed from Banu Hashim. Abu Sufiyan fought great battles against Prophet Muhammad and Islam and was staunch enemy of the Prophet. His son Muawiya was staunch enemy of Hazrat Ali the son in law of Prohet Muhammad and first male to accept Islam and Muawiya’s son Yazid killed the house hold of the Prohets family at Karbela because Imam Husain did not accept him as Caliph of Muslims . Yazeed was drunkered , womanizer, and wanted to destroy Islam and kill Imam Husain and take the revenge of his ancesstors who were killed at the wars of Badar Siffin and he himself said that” i Have Evenged”. Yazeed was cursed by theP prophet Muhammad himself and Yazeed also burnt the Holy Kaba’s cloth and made Masjid Nabawi as stable of Horses and Mules after Karbala. And he make women of Madina lawful to his army and women of Madina were raped by his army. U can find this in history and u can do reasearch your self on this issue.

  • ilyas

    Sekinah, if you are not familiar with the events of Karbala, I would suggest you watch this documentary before you decide whether Yazid is worthy of being cursed or not:

  • Islam

    Leave it to Allah. Before pointing fingers at someone dont forget 3 point right back at you.

  • taher

    Dr Zakir Nalayak ur nothing but a big black spot on the name of islam,
    shame on u,
    curse be upon u

  • xyz….

    u truely have now become a part of family of yazeed n remember allah will not forgive anyone who supprts zalemeen.khuda ki lanat ho tum par Dr.zakir.

  • mazahir

    if u think that shia himself killed their imam then you are wrong our imam was killed by the group who fought against ali (a.s.) and shia means follower (manne wala) the group who killed imam hussain (a.s.) was the shia of muawiya , yazid , the group of those people who wanted to take revenge of their kaafir fathers grandfathers who was killed by the sword of ali (a.s.) in different battle of islam. so dear brothers our imam was not killed by the shia-a-ne ali assalam alaikum

  • mazahir

    and if u r agree that karbal was a political war so can anyone fight with the army of 72 people including children this was the battle of right and wrong and as per quran haq aur baatil kabhi ek nahi ho sakta. our brother write abu talib a.s . kaafir so plz tell me even in islamic rule u can not eat the food made by kaafirs so how prophet s.a.w. can eat from a kaafir. as far as yr 3 fav personalities i will take one by one from third one can u plz tell me where is the tomb of your khalifa no 3

  • kamran

    rizvi, how was hatred spewed and other religion(s) attacked? only clarifications were brought forth , right and wrong, correct and incorrect.
    can others agree that mr.zakir naik attacked other religion. if that had been the case, some bjp followers would have also joined this page.
    all that you shared here shows mr.z naik to have uttered something wrong. this is human. how many times have i lied and even back-bitten someone claiming that i could do the same in front of that person.
    what we can all do together is pray to ALLAH for redemption and goodness, for goodness’ sake.

  • kamran

    please do not curse your fellow brother mr. zakir naik.
    no one should blindly follow anyone, so let me ask my dad for a dna test.
    kindly pray to ALLAH for the goodness of all, and try to do good to whoever comes across.
    it is that mr.zakir naik’s actions are eliciting negative actions from us muslim brethren, in turn paving paths; one of them where we resort to cursing and dadagiri that eventually weighs us down with sins. should i not rather pray to ALLAH, beg forgiveness for my sins and mr. zakir naik’s and utter ALHAMDULILLAH that we have been bestowed by intelligence and health enough to do what we are doing presently. Cheers!

  • kamran

    anyone who cursed mr. zakir naik here has not shown tolerance rendering his/her comment useless. i cannot just say, ‘fie on those who have here shown the non-believers how united we muslims stand’ . apna auqaad dekha ne chal’e.

  • kamran

    There is problem in saying peace be upon him for Imam Hussain. Just get this much straight

  • Syed Torab Ali

    ASAK evryone
    im new 2 dis thread bt i read al da comments
    i hv spent 13 years among sunnis nd i ws a sunni.i became a shia lik 8 years bk
    da problem hd strtd durin da tim of our prophet
    most of da muslims wer jealous of hazrat ali (A.S)
    because he ws given a great plac in islam
    he z knwn as ASAD ULLAh wich means lion of allah
    so dy hd dis jealousy in der hearts bt nvr shwd it infrnt of da prophet nd aftr he pased away dy shwd der true colours
    dy treated da prophets family so badly dt noone cn evn imagine
    and seriously aftr readin al dis crap dt ppl r sayn dt god knws hu ws corct nd wtevr zakir naik said i rely feel sory 4 u ppl
    y go acordin 2 odrs?dont u hv ur own brains read abt da war of karbala nd thn ul knw wt rely hd hapnd
    imagine 72 ppl vs 9 lacs
    out of dos 72 only 1 survived nd see how many shias r der
    and of the 9 lac der r millions of yazidis 2dy lik sum ppl her hu r comntin

  • Torab Ali

    99% of da sunnis dont knw hu shias rely are
    once one guy ws lik u guys r nt muslims cz u say hazrat ali z da god
    nw wt cn v say
    i cn prov it dt hazrat ali ws abov all odr caliphas
    whn prophet isa ws born bibi maryum ws ordered to leav da holy kabah cz she ws doin tawaf nd whn hazrat ali ws born fathimah binte asad ws ordered to cum 2 da holy kabah nd wal ws broken
    if u dnt belv me chk out da video on da intrnet dt evry year da wall of da holy kabah breaks on da day hazrat ali ws born
    dis z y dey wer jealous so dy took da revrnge 4m his sons nd daughter
    evn 2dy u ppl r doin dt
    iv spnt my whl lif in saudi arabia so no1 cn no btr thn me wt u ppl did 2 shias
    in dammam wahabis killed hundreds of shias
    i met a guy he ws teln me tht whnevr a shia fam usd 2 cm 2 liv in our area v usd 2 throw stones at dem
    nd once one of my friend ws takn 4 2 months by des mutawaas aftr dy gt 2 knw he ws a shia
    jst imagine hw much hatred z der in ur hearts
    hv v shias evr done sumthn 2u ppl lik dt?dis z cntinuin 4m da prophets tym
    evn non muslims belev wt hazrat imam hussain had did 4 islam
    example shakespeare
    how unluky u ppl r dt aftr knwing evrythn ur nt one of der follower

  • Syed Torab ALi Shah

    do wt ur heart says nt wt ppl say
    do u thnk dt 72 ppl could hv a political war?
    and whn yazid freed da fam of prophet 4m captivity ws cz he had dreamt dt bibi fatimah ws syn dt u hv destyd my whl fam
    if we are rong why is our faith much strongr thn u ppl?i hv seen many sunnis convertin 2 shias bt nt a single shia bcmn a sunni

    • Dot

      I know many shias who have become sunni, but either way it doesn’t matter. We are Shias because our faith is more logical and has better proofs from the Quran and hadiths. 🙂

  • Just a student

    This person says if you want to know Islam don’t see its followers and linking it with Hazrat Hussain (r.a) as if nozbillah He was a notorious character and not a good muslim so we should not see this follower. Were as the Authentic Hadees says us to Hold on to Quran and Ahlulbayt as they will not separate till Qiyamat otherwise we will go astray.
    This guys is doing nothing but doing zulm on himself and those who are defending him are doing same.
    This pomp and show has made this world a lot more glittering before his eyes so let him have it his full before he will also be brought to Justice by Almighty.
    And for the service that he has done do you know that a scholar can still serve his master ‘Satan’ while giving a sermon from his pulpit or writing a religious book. His intentions may be hidden at that point of time but sooner or later the truth comes out.
    Coming to some points that have been made regarding time to unite ummah and dont raise those issues :-
    Everybody knows how did the story of Karbala reach us , and it reached us throw pious progeny of Prophet who gave their everything for Islam had it been that would have been a point of division they would have never advocated it .
    If unity among ummah is to be achieved by merging Truth with falsehood then that unity will bring more disaster then good so better to be divided on truth then united on falsehood.

  • shakeel

    vary nice

  • reaz mohammad

    was that a mistake or not lets try figure out. have patience. we are dividing ourselves into group sub group. but no one is trying to understand why are these for. one scholar declaring other wrong. he is kafir. go for discussion. try to remove the confusion sfor the general muslis. may Allah show the right path.

  • Ahmed Salafi

    Kofan’s killed Hazrat Imam Hussein R.A. and his kits and kins … Hazrat Yazid R.A. was the Son of Hazrat Muawiya R. A. the one who wrote wahees.. While Muawiya was taking his last breath he, told Yazid that never to harm Hussein R.A. Yazid never ordered to kill Hazrat Hussein it was the Kufan’s (Shia’s) for sure Shia’s will burn in Hell fire for what all conspiracies they have arranged at time of Hazrat Ali R.A. even they tortured Hazrat Uthman R.A. how can a Sahabi’s son who is a Tabi’een can kill Hazrat Hussein R.A. read from authentic sources u FOOLs. D.R, Zakir Naik is absolutely right. No Sahabi after the death of Hazrat Hussein R.A, questioned Yazid R.A, we are talking about Sahabees and Tabi’een who could have killed the whole world to save Ahle-Bayt. U shia’s u r Kafir’s u curse the freind of Rasool ullah S.A.W,S , Hazrat Abu Baker R.A, U Curse The mother of believers Hazrat Ayesha R.A,… U Curse Hazrat Uthman and Hazrat Umar R.A… if they were wrong Why did Hazrat Ali kept the name of his sons as Umer and other 3 Khalifa’s… Why Did Hazrat HASAN R.A, gave the Bayt, Hazrat HASAN was one of 12 imam as per shia, He had ilm of GHAYB na he, was killed by his wife by poisoning his food, did he knew food were poisoned? if yes he commited Suicide which is a sin, n if he didnt knew than how you say he has ILM of GHAYB? there r 1000 contradiction in you Shia’s … revert to the true SALAF part if you wana get saved from the anger of ALLAH after all ALLAH is Ghafoor ur Raheem. Sunni’s( Muqalideen, Deoband, Barelvi, Ahmedia, etc are all doing Kufr) except the SALAF’s they follow only Quran, Authentic Hadeeth of Rasulullah Sallahu Alaihe Wasalam… May Allah guide you who are on the wrong track!!!! JAZAK ALLAH Khairan

  • Ahmed Salafi

    go to youtube and search Sheikh touseef ur rehman ‘ aqalmand shiya se chund sawalat’ and I’m sure who ever will watch this videos will definetly come back positively…. Dont belive this Tariq Jameel (deobandi, MushriQ) Dr Tahir ul Qadri (barelvi MuhriQ) Shiya’s and Ahmedia and barelvis (the most astray group) return before its the Hour of Judgement!!! Jazak Allah Khair..

  • hasna

    i just want to clarify some doubts in islam…. i wanna know whether it can be clarified……

    • otowi

      Do you mean you want to ask some questions? You can ask, although a comments section is not necessarily the best location.

  • Hasnain Shirazi

    If the battle of Karbala was polittical and yazeed is justified, than the wars in iraq and other muslim world by the americans is politaland should be justified and we should say razi allah tala unho to the american rulers and the zionist and the killings of innocent people in karachi is political and the killers should be justified.

  • Hasnain Shirazi

    DintProphet Muhammad know and had Ilm e ghhaib that the muslims will lose the war in jang e Uhod than why did he go for the battle. will u blame the Holy Prophet for the Muslims death at the battle of Uhod. It was allah’s will thtat the battle take place and the muslims to fight that war. Likewise Imam Hasan knew about his death and the poison in the food given by his evil wife but it was Allahs will for him to take that food.

  • hussain india

    dr.zakir naik is not wrong..there is no one Evidence that’s can prove ..hussain (r.a) was killed by (yazeed re. a)

    Hazrat Hussain (R a.) was martyred by kufis

  • Anwr

    Let us not jump to any conclusion without any concrete proof and logic.
    If we agree or disagree what Dr. Zakir said, we have to prove it logically and with concrete evidence.
    I suggest an extensive debate between Dr. Zakir or those who agree and those who disagree.
    May Allah guide us to right conclusion
    And offcourse Allah knows our intention.

  • #Z………A#

    Wallah Wallah Wallah ! I swear by the one and only one in whose hand my soul lies that Dr Naik is absolutely wrong in drawing the conclusion with respect to the event of Karbala.
    I am deeply surprised by the Above comets favoring Dr Naik or to say favoring Yazid (Lanatullah) not The One of leader of the youths in Paradise !
    Someone above has talked about contradiction in Shiaism , not going out of he context going on here i wana reply to him,quickly .Your Authentic Books of Sahih Hadiths say that the Holy apostal (PBUH) of God Said,
    ” My These two sons, Hasan and Hussain are the two chiefs of Paradise” but interestingly you are defending Yazeedh’s position, killer of the very Chief, giving a hard blow to Rasullallah.So this left us with only two types of conclusions.
    1) Either you have no knowledge whats there in your books .
    2) Your so called Sahih books of hadiths collections are not sahih.
    opposite of these two cant be true together ! can it ? And this is called a real contradiction,actually !
    As for the zakir naik i wana admit first that yes he has done a lot in field of Preaching . but there is a point i want to mentioned.
    Naik has a good knowledge in the filed of Comparative Studies and Sciences.But he lacks even basics requirement to be a true Moslem, Let alone being a source to follow.
    For Instance having good knowledge in some areas is a not Sign of God Favoring Personality, if he doesn’t know the Basis of Islam and that basis is love and understanding of his prophet and his vicegerents.

    “…say: ‘I do not ask you f or any payment f or my preaching to you, except the love f or my relatives…'”
    Holy Qur’an (42:23)

    Contd……………….in next comment

  • #Z………A#

    Aristocrat,Ploto,Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton,Archimedes,shakespear,Abraham Lickon,Mahatma Ghandhi, and of course steeve jobs as well 🙂 were the men of high Knowledge and Understanding who has changed the world in their own areas but They are not hujja(Proof of GOd) over us to follow in religion . Of course we praise them for their knowledge. Imagin if we are to ask from ALbert Einstin about the way Namaze Mayyat is to be performed , what he would reply .Lol Of course he has nothing to do with this because he remained busy in comparative studies of other erligions but failed to study internal matters properly or from proper sources.And this matter of Warr of Kabala is an internal matter ……………… SO being a Salafi,Dr Naik has the same understanding with respect to the Ahlulbayt. If he says anything about Holy ahlulbayt then must be in mind that Allah has not let him CLosed to AHlulbayt(AS) in order to explain them as Quran Says.” “Allah only wishes to keep away uncleanness from you (Household of the Prophet) and purify you thoroughly.” Holy Qur’an (33:33) which is also proved by this statement of him . Rather its clearly visible he is near to Yazeed rather than Imam Hussain (RA).
    Contd……………….in next comment

  • #Z………A#

    Anyone who is praising Yazeed(Including Dr Naik) ,I have only one question on which basis you are saying this when all the books of histories (Shia+Sunni) and scholars(Shia+Sunni) say that Yazeed was a Kafer/Fasik/Fajir……..all the books and scholars are unanimously hold the view for Yazeed’s being a Kafir except a handfull fanatics like Imam Gazali……Please please pleae tell me hwo can you say that Yazeed was Ameerul momineed ????? I am very curious to know ,and waiting .

    In the End , With this Dua I close the Comment.
    Yaa Allah In the plains of Mehshar ,please raise us with Mohammed(PBUH) & and Imam Hussain (RA)……………and raise Dr Naik and the people(being Ignorantly innocent) who support him with Yazeen ! Ameen
    I think anyone has no problem with this Dua ! 🙂 🙂

    PEACE !

  • abcde

    DR. KAFIR NALAYAK per aur uskay satheyo par lanat jaisay umar abu barak aur usman par lanat

    • Syedmohomad Jafri


  • ajaz ul haq

    i have read above
    but i do say anything about zakir od yazeed
    allah knows better what is true

    • Mohammed Jafar Ali

      Allah ofcourse know better. But I question you, did you think Allah has not revealed the truth in the forms of saying of Holy Prophet SAWS.

      Dont you agree with the Hadith that the Holy Prophet SAWS said “I saw Banu Ummayyah on my Stage in the dream and when my heart felt uncomfortable, Allah revealed the Two Chapters of Holy Quran called Soorat ul Qadr and Soorat ul Kausar revealation. Now imagine, what was the reason that the Holy Prophet SAWS felt discomfort on seeing Banu Ummaya on his stage.

      Dont you agree with the Hadith in which Hazrath Abu Hurairah RA was seeking the Protection of Allah from entering in 60 HIjri. Was it not because He did not want to see 60 Hijri as he heard from the Holy Prophet SAWS that Foolish YOuth will take over the Governance and will be a cause of Damage to the Ummah.

      Then, on what ground you still support Yazeed or go to an extent to declare him as Ameer Ul Momineen (Mazallah) . On What ground do you hold the Great Sacrifice of IMam Hussain RA as a worldly war.

      It is a cowardly and Infidelity comment of Zakir Naik.