The Ark of Salvation

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As human corruption increased over time, it became very clear that there was no solution to erase the effects of transgression except by divine intervention via some type of surgical operation or amputation procedure in order to sever of the corrupted limb from the healthy body. Hence the flood took place at the time of Prophet Noah (Peace be upon him). And the flood is a symbol of the surgical operation that will save the ill whose body is overcome with disease and corruption. There is no solution available except by cutting and amputating the effected part so that the rest of the body which is threatened to die heals and becomes cured.

Before the flood, Prophet Noah was busy constructing and building the ark, while his people used to mock him night and day. The people became more corrupt, while the believers increased in patience and prayer. And on the promised day, the Divine command was issued, and the Almighty Creator carried out the operation of separating between the good and corrupted, between faith and rejection, and between the ill and the healthy…

The Oven boiled, and the water gathered on an order that was willed. The construction of the ship was completed at the specified time. Noah’s son Sam helped him just like Ishmael helped his father Abraham (peace be upon them) in building the Holy Ka’aba, and it is another ship of salvation in a different form and at another time and place. The goal in both cases is one, and the similarity is clear. The mission is the same, and the leaders are the prophets and messengers.

Allah ordered Prophet Noah to carry the believers who were a very small minority in the ark…the Ark of Salvation which started to sail when the water which drowned everything carried it. So the water that carried the faith and goodness is the same as the one which drowned rejection of faith, corruption, and disobedience…and almost simultaneously! It is as if the water here is a surgical blade that separates between truth and falsehood and between the healthy and the diseased organ…at the same moment and with the same cut. What great power and ability from the Great Creator!

The ark starts to sail… the volume of water increases… the waves start to rise like the mountains and darkness spreads…fear is in the hearts, and the hearts are in the throats. Here is the human ark of salvation which is surrounded by danger and is led by Prophet Noah. However, it is in need of passengers who are true and sincere believers, so that each of them can cooperate, work hard, and contribute anything they can so that the ark reaches the shore of safety.

There it is…the human ark is now sailing in the midst of slapping waves that are tougher and greater than the mountains. Despite the darkness and imminent danger, it is safe and sound from the perils of the flood. This ark is in need for the efforts and struggle of its sincere and believing passengers who are righteous, so that it makes its way and continues its sail. The aim is to overcome the trial and hardships it faces until morning arrives and it is saved from its journey and reaches the shore of salvation. It anchors on the port, and the Divine surgical procedure is completed successfully! Surely it was by the name of Allah and in the name of Allah!

And the need arises once again for Divine surgery to separate between the opposites, and to save light from darkness, truth from misguidance, and goodness from corruption. The need returns for the ark of salvation to transfer humanity and the believers from the seas of darkness to the shore of faith in the holy land of Karbala on the 10th of Muharram, 61 AH.

And so it was named the ark…the Ark of Salvation. This ark is present in every age where darkness increases and illness intensifies, where corruption and evil dominate, and the evil gains power. It is none other than the Ark of Salvation which belongs to Imam Hussain ibn Ali (peace be upon him)! The likeness of Noah’s ark is that of Husain’s ark, which is wider and faster! Allah has drawn the example of Noah’s ark so that we come to understand the importance of Hussain’s ark. Hence, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) has clearly stated in a well-known tradition that the likeness of his Purified Household is like that of Noah’s ark: whoever boards it will attain salvation, and whoever deserts it will perish. Its first-class passengers are the honorable martyrs of Karbala. And the rest of the passengers are the devotees and lovers of Imam Hussain – those who uphold truth and justice, those who fight falsehood and tyranny, and those who give up their lives for the sake of the Almighty God! They are the ones who will be saved, and they constitute a small minority of the world population, while those who drown in the great flood are the enemies of Hussain, as well as those who fail to support him and defend his cause.

So let us pack our bags, purchase the one-way tickets, and board the human ship of salvation! Let us proceed to the shore of safety by the blessings of the holy grandson of the Prophet and the Master of Martyrs, Aba Abdullah al-Hussain!

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Jerrmein Abu Shahba

Jerrmein Abu Shahba, originally from Egypt and guided by the grace of Allah (swt) to the truth path of AhlulBayt (as), obtained masters in Chemistry and is a Clinical Research Scientist by profession. She contributes as a writer for different Islamic magazines including AIM, Muslims4peace, The Muslim Vibe, and Stand with Dignity. Jerrmein volunteers as an editor for the website and translates Islamic literature to propagate the teachings of AhlulBayt (as) and serve in any capacity possible.

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