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What We Have Become

In a world that tends to become more materialistic with each passing day, poverty is often defined and understood as an economic and financial state in which a person or an entity survives with limited resources. Keeping this definition in mind, it becomes relatively easy to define who is poor …

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Is Death the End?

Most people fear death. Why? Death has always been imagined to be a great, frightening monster, and just thinking about it takes away the sweetness of life. Not only do they fear the word ‘death’, but they also hate the word ‘cemetery’, and they try to forget about its basic …

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Capital Punishment

A convicted criminal is led in shackles down a dark hallway. Grudgingly, his hands and feet are strapped down with a thrust. A final statement is uttered and then, with the push of a button, 2000 volts of electricity are shot through him, rendering him another victim of the system. …

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