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Pure Guide of Samarra

From the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) till this day, Muslims have been on a quest to find the perfect model of Islam – a person whose worship, disposition, and leadership are unrivaled. The legacy of the 10th Imam (peace be upon him) has …

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The Miraculous Imamate

“As for the one who acts without knowledge, (s)he would do more harm than good.” In these words, he directs our attention to the importance of understanding prior to taking actions. He reminds us that before we take the initiative to go out and call people to what we believe …

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Allama Hilli – Part II

Allama Hilli was among the foremost scholars to acquaint the people of Iran with Shi’ism. With his witty first appearance at King Oljaitu’s palace, he managed to make a deep impression on the king regarding Shi’ism. Eventually, he embraced the True Path and changed his name to Khudabanda (God’s servant). …

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