Azaadari; Karbala

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A mourning held in the heavens
For the bodies that lay on the hot plains
Their blood was desecrated
And their sanctity violated

Initiated by none other than his esteemed household
This tradition we will uphold
Lessons of peace and unity in processions
The message of Husayn we will spread to all nations

Heads being paraded upon the lance from place to place
As the passersby threw a nasty glance
The daughter of Ali took her stance
Exposing the truth with her eloquence

A revolution that shook the world centuries ago
Perpetually challenges to thrive to infinity
Be it through lectures, poems, or processions
Each emitting a message, a lesson, or a call to transform

As the crescent of sorrow heralds
We renew our resolution
To heed our tears of love and transform them into action
For sweetness awaits us in Zahra’s intercession

Your name we mention in every gathering
For Zainab comes running
The tears even the size of a fly’s wing
Does your mother come collecting

Ponder over history
For it is not a mystery
From the hand raised on Ghadir
Demanded allegiance Muawiya’s heir

Let the story of Ashura be told over and over
And wailings from the dungeons of Shaam be heard in every corner
For surely it is these cries of misery
That have changed every tyrant’s destiny

If the Yazid of that era couldn’t stop Hurr to change,
Then the Yazids’ of this era are no exception

For Husayn’s love is such
That all are encompassed within it

They try to stop us with their threats
But Husayn is the king of hearts
Ready to be martyred a thousand times was the son of Qain
Because in martyrdom in the name of Al-Muhammad there is no better gain

As the hand moves to beat the chest
We remember it’s due to his love that we will to continue regardless of the rest

Against every injustice we pledge to resist
And against every gruesome deed we protest
The eyes well up with tears first
As the arrow quenches Asghar’s thirst

Every mother prepares her child without fear
To answer the call of Fatima’s dear
Race and color matters not teaches John
For every sacrifice holds a lesson

Loyalty and faithfulness were embodied by Aqeel’s son
Submission and dedication knew Abal Fadhl better than none
For the truth did Akbar take the spear
Awakening the sympathy of the coldest reader

Husayn’s legacy will live on
So long as we never forget why we mourn
The war between truth and evil transpires every second,
We see it unfold around us in many dimensions

And every time the hand raises to beat the chest in your name, serves a reminder to stand with the Truth
Every tear shed, every poem read, every flag raised in your name, Reverberate your victory, the victory of Truth

The Yazid of yesterday exists around us,
Acts of daily injustice, terror, oppression, & evil
And the Hussain of yesterday stirs within us,
An embodiment of resistance against all evil.

Islam’s prosperity is the gift of Husayn
In the name of God, he was slain
From our hearts rush rivers of blood
Renewing our covenant with this flood

For someone like al-Husayn
Indeed let the weepers weep,

For this weeping eradicates great sins,
The promise to Fatima they will always keep

Till the end we will beat our chests,
For little else soothes this burning heart
But the heart finds peace in awaiting the vengeance so anxiously yearned
The promise remains that Husayn will continue to be infinitely adored

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