Generational Decay

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Lifeless!What is the situation of our generation? Is our situation of that of decay? Poetry that challenges our situation. Are we going to live up to the challenges of our time?









Generational Decay.
We’re living
in a very difficult period.
A lethal moral decay.
A period where
Sincere Submission is the analogy
of burning coals in our hands.
Call it the words of
a cynic or a
conspiracy theorist, but
perhaps we’re worse off
than previous
Spell-bound, predestined almost,
we’re born into a period
where our blasé vigilance
is unconsciously bombarded
by an influx of dulling information;
where repetitive lies
become enduring truths
because of our leaders.
Where our
Subjective Reflections
swap with
Objective Reality.
Where baseless moral standards,
like a serene breeze,
embrace our face
but leave us Blind in Lust
(instead of Love).
That’s when we justify
all behaviors by the
ridiculous remark of “So?”
instead of “Sacrifice.”
Result of
I don’t know.
Our generation
has an inflated
ego. It won’t
question itself.
No debates on
our generational integrity.
No piquing, por favor.
We’re living in
a difficult period,
a generational
moral death
while alive.

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