Here, Entreaties Are Blessed

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Thy Dad preferred to save us from straying in sins

He himself suffered too much to redeem us from sins

Thy husband too preferred to suffice first his own slayer

Thy each son too, for bliss of Allah, opted to face his slayer

Redeem us from grief soon by lending your hand

O’Zehra, just for your sons, now lend your hand

Put aside our grief, beg Allah, to bless us

In the names of your sons, just exalt us

Now recollect the names of the thirsty ones

They recollection of them, would remind us thy sad ones

The pauper at they door, did come, with some motive

By grace of God, ask why I stood here with what motive

To say, “Be-off,” to the pauper, is not thy nature

As you have been, open-handed to all, by nature

Be merciful to all, spare our lapses, with assent

One who apprises one’s lapses, with self-ascent

Pay heed to the poor now, the spouse of Haider

Be like Sara and Maryam, and help with nerves tender

Even enemy in the guise of poor, returned cheery

Set-aside my misery, let me depart, most cheery

The grief agonies me and imperils my destiny

Your blissful solace alone could change my destiny

How thy fellow mortals could be void of your help

Where even a pauper went back contented with your help

You could ordain fate to free me from grief

“What holds back you to do away all my grief”

To entreat formals is not my usual nature

To entreat other than you is to torment my nature

The Prophet has endowed us with such a faith

That has guided us, how to stand firm with our faith

You often saved us from looming distress

Even your vision did set aside our distress

When we were poor-spirited you infused us with comfort

When in misery, you quickly, did away our discomfort

I still recall, Zainab’s holding fast your hand

Like her, bless our fate, with your own hand

The pauper, could desire nothing, at alien’s door

I could desire only, where angels do bless at the door

My time is, out of joint, bless me for ease and comfort

Let us entreat God, to soothe us with cheery comfort

My inner-self induced me, to seek your blessings

Was hard hit by needs and ordeals, strew soon your blessings

Now I have set aside my entreaties, as I feel now blessed

And feel fully appeased and pleased with soul blessed.

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