Lust and Love in Islam

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Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

However, we are taught to be aware and take care for lust needs not love to survive. Lust can ignite and flare, though there’s nothing there upon which it can thrive except pure viciousness. Unchecked, lust is like a ravaging beast; vicious and promiscuous.

Shaikh Ali Abu TalibFeelings are like the sight, sound and scent of inner space.
One’s character is like one’s countenance; one’s inner face.
Physical beauty has the capacity to excite certain emotions
From the peaks of the purest ascetic appreciation, to low vulgar commotions

Still, one word is used to describe both the celestial and bestial feeling.
That one word is LOVE.
Spouses and fornicators both find the word “love” phonetically appealing.

However, if the Truth is absolute,
And if it is illogical to fallaciously compute
That what “Is” is relative to “What Is Perceived”,
Then there is only one supreme love, regardless of what level of perception is achieved.

One of the great acts of love is charity.
All religions preach this fact with nearly identical clarity.
But what of lust?
In Islam, we are taught that God did entrust
This bestial part to all of us.
After all, we are creatures whose flesh is fashioned from dust,
And by necessity we must lust.
As Muslims, we are commanded to sanctify that fact, not treat it with disdain.
For sex between the husband and wife, as the Qur’an does explain,
Is a form of worship which Allah did ordain.


However, we are taught to be aware
And take care
For lust needs not love to survive.
Lust can ignite and flare,
Though there’s nothing there upon which it can thrive
Except pure viciousness.
Unchecked, lust is like a ravaging beast; vicious and promiscuous.


It is like an unchecked forest fire
With flames burning hotter and higher.
And once inordinate sexual desires
Grasp one’s soul in the hot sensual fires
Of its sexually exciting clutches,
Unchecked lust consumes whatever it touches
Spectacularly and indiscriminately.
It consumes all reason, order, conscience and decency.


Even the pious, God-conscious remembrance
Is quickly consumed by lust’s relentless insistence.


Lust insists upon inordinate gratification of the low-natured self.
So when God-consciousness is locked away in a cupboard on the back of a shelf,
The illusionary lures of mammon will sway
The most unsuspecting weak, un-submitted souls
At the alters of foolishness, shallowness, nastiness and greed.


How despicably pitiful.
They cheapen their bodies and dishonor their seed.
Playing with fire like primitive Neanderthals.
Hypnotized, in lust’s erotically alluring trance
While lust’s white hot flames lick higher and higher
Until their unchecked lusts becomes the funeral pyre
For the entire nation.
It has happened before;
Consider Sodom and Gomorrah.
They bowed to lust’s hypnotic aura till the end
Eventually consumed by God’s wrath for their sin.
But the delusional lustful mind tends to think, “It won’t happen again”,
“Not to me.”


So look and see how many marry for looks or money.
Banishing piety to a lowly priority.
Unwilling to sacrifice, and defend
Unwilling to honor, cherish and fully extend
Unwilling to commit and then sincerely work to transcend
Unless there is a paycheck attached to the end…
Like a carrot.


No regard for one’s lover.
No regard for one’s mate.
No regard for the children.
No regard for their fate.


No regard for the forest of values that centuries of love did tend.
No regard for “The Lover” Whom all will return to when life does end.
No regard for life; rip it from the womb.
No regard for duty; loyalty in its tomb.
No regard for kith, no regard for kin.
No regard for honor.


Thus, because of unchecked lust,
Love is often sacrificed for the pursuit
Of a face that is shameless, but cute
Or just enough money for an off-the-rack suit,
A mortgaged hut, and an extra handful of rice and some irradiated fruit.


Just because fire is dangerous does not mean that it shouldn’t be used.
Fire belongs in furnaces and stoves that generate controlled BTU’s.
Contained explosions in engines is how automobiles move.
Lust is to be contained, and controlled within the parameters God set for it.


When God-consciousness and marital rules are the furnace in which lust is lit,
Lust can be used as God did intend for it.
Instead of setting fire to things that shouldn’t be burned
Like the orchards of virtue and the fruit that they earned.


Lust dims and goes out as some marriages get old.
Love burns forever and never grows cold.
But you have to have it together
Thus marry someone who has it together,
For love’s flames to survive through the coldest of weather.
Both must have a forest of values and control over the self
This is why God’s Prophet warned us not to put worldliness on the top shelf,
And foolishly marry while dying for looks and killing for wealth.


All fools, fooled into this lustful foolishness inevitably find themselves
fooling around in a burnt out fantasy.
Often Ms. Fineness, and Mr. Beefcake,
Are beefy and fine for their own selfish sake.


They are usually so hung up in their own vanity
That they drive their foolish mate into a state of anti-romantic insanity.
And they find out too late that love was a fake.


Likewise, Miss Money Galore, or Big Daddy WarBuck,
Can usually give you everything you need, but love.
And then you are stuck
With another lame duck.

To get it together, one must seek God and turn
Towards the Eternal Lover.
It is for Him we must yearn.

The sights, sounds and feelings we prefer must be right.
Our soul’s inner face must turn toward this sight.
If we have love for God, we will love His Prophet too,
And the Prophet’s close kin folks, with a love that is true.
Then like-hearted folks must love one another,
With a love that the Satan cannot poison nor smoother.

This kind of love is really all that you need.
But the all-pervasive lustful greed
That freely flows throughout the social trend
Of this truth-hating society drowned in sin,
Has set up all kinds of anti-love idols bringing real love close to an end.
So even Muslims find themselves bowing to them, without conscious thought.
They are hopelessly caught up in the Kufar philosophical onslaught.
So their prayer for real love counts for little of naught.
but psychological masturbation; false spiritual appeasement
False pious demonstrations; fake religious achievement.

Muslims should know that this life is a test
And that the praiseworthy servant whom God loves the best said,
the best way to secure your matrimonial fate
Is to investigate the character of your potential mate.

If one has a beautiful outer face,
But a character that looks like a monster; the antithesis of grace
One would be a sure enough a fool to pursue such a mate.
Likewise, if one works hard and lays claim
To a six figure job, and some impressive initials at the rear of his name,
While disregarding his honor and preferring shame,
(S)he will make some unsuspecting poor soul an emotionally poor
Husband or Wife.

But observe what is typically sought; look and see.
“Single, looking for a Phd in Chemistry”,
“And must have light skin and the same national ancestry.”

Matching genes, matching schooling,
Claiming Deen, but who are you fooling?
Certainly not God.

Why else are we so weak?
Why is the past so disgraceful and the future seem so bleak?
Certainly not because we are ugly, stupid or poor.
But because we’ve lost the lust for love, and shamelessly adore
The values of viciousness and vice
That Munafiq and Kafir masters value as nice.

Muslims! Wake up! Get yourselves in gear
And re-examine the things you hold to be dear!

Study your Prophet; follow his path
Turn your back on the values that purchase God’s wrath.
How can you love God, if you love this world’s life?
How can you love Muhammad, if you hate holy strife?
How can you love love, if you side with the Jinn,
Who act like they hate you and love only sin?
How can you love the self, when you sell your soul cheap?
How can you love Truth when you hate to probe deep?
And how will you ever love each other,
If you continue to neglect and smother
Your God-given natural duty to congregate each and every God-blessed day
To socialize, organize, work real hard and pray
And dynamically initiate right ways and means
To energize, then synergize, Islam’s institutions
By creating programs designed to cultivate our problems’ solutions
Thus demonstrating Islam’s superiority over Kafir institutions
And propagating God’s deen to your countrymen lost in confusion?
You will not win.
You will lose your souls, your families,
and all your ambitions and goals
Will be frustrated.
Can’t you see that it’s getting late?

So wake up, O Muslims! Beg Allah for the mate,
And the love that He especially created
For Muhammad and Khadijah – on them be peace.
And stop all this jiving. God commands you to cease.


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