Muhammad’s Ascent to Receive the Gift of Five Daily Prayers

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Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

He was humbled and simultaneously uplifted to Resplendent Transcendence, there to stand devoutly before The Source of Everything’s Very Existence. The One Ubiquitous Source Of All Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge, in The Throne Room of Omniscience, The Final Prophet’s Intuitive College.

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib











On the night of Muhammad’s miraculous ascension,

The Prophet passed through every restrictive dimension

that ordinarily bars we flesh covered intelligent manifestations

from witnessing that much of The Truth’s Enlightening Illuminations.


He was welcomed into the highest levels of God’s Presence

due to the impeccable purity of his spotless Prophetic Essence.


His transcendence reached the greatest intensity of devout adoration.

Yet he remained sane, and balanced with total focused astute observation,

at that, the highest possible level of other worldly, God Conscious



Muhammad was summoned to be the only soul in prayerful attendance

In The Closest Proximity to The Creator of His Own Radiant Resplendence.


Not even The Archangel’s sense of God Conscious Attendance

could move that close and maintain intelligent coherent cognizance.

But God’s Final Messenger transcended through The Awesome, Brilliance

of The Creator’s Most Intense Radiance.


Showered In The Creator’s Magnificence,

Prophet enjoyed an actual exclusive audience

that bathed him in The Glow of All Knowing Prescience.


He was humbled and simultaneously uplifted to Resplendent Transcendence,

there to stand devoutly before The Source of Everything’s Very Existence,

The One Ubiquitous Source Of All Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge,

in The Throne Room of Omniscience, The Final Prophet’s Intuitive College.


He stood alone In An Exclusive interview With His God,

At a place in God’s Garden where no other being had trod.

There he heard His Creator’s Voice emanate from What He Perceived.


God said, “What Was Sent To The Messenger He Completely Believed.”


The Final Prophet answered,

“The Good Faithful Muslims believed in It Too,

“And In The Angels, The Books, And All Of The Messengers (As Intrinsically


“We Make No Distinction Between Any Of Them.

“(They Brought The Same Basic Message From Which All Truth Does Stem).”


Then The Final Prophet Further Prayerfully Replied,

“We Heard (The Voice Of The Truth Calling), And Gladly Complied,

“So Give Us The Cover Only You Can Provide.

“Within Your Forgiveness Let Our Poor Souls Reside.

“For You’re The End Of Our Journey When This Life Does Subside.”


Then The Most High, The Dominant Authoritatively Replied,

“God Gives No Soul A Burden Unless It Is Supplied

“(With All That It Takes To Heft It In Stride.

“How One Uses The Talents That God Does Provide

“Decides What One Will Or Won’t Earn On The Ultimate Side).”


Then Muhammad The Prophet Humbly Did Beseech,

“Our Lord, Do Not Blame Us For An Error, Or A Lapsed Mental Breach.”


Allah Answered, ” I Will Not Blame You

“For What You Unintentionally Do.”


Prophet Begged God Again,

“Our Lord, Do Not Burden Us As You Did The Religious Men

“Whom You Sent Down Before Us (Please Don’t Do That Again).”


Again God Acceded,

And Muhammad Then Pleaded:


“Our Lord, Do Not Load Us With What Our Strength Cannot Bear.

“And Exonerate Us (Oh Lord! Our Poor Souls Please Spare).

“And Cover Us .

“And Have Mercy On Us.

“You Are Our Master (Who Always Is There).

“So Help Us Dominate The Truth Hiders, Who Are Wrong And Unfair.”


The Light Of The Heavens And The Light Of The Earth,

The Judge Of Each Soul’s Actual Worth,

Expressed His Acceptance of Muhammad’s Petition.

And Muhammad again begged for another condition.

He said,

“Our Lord, You Gave Choice Matchless Gems To The Prophets Of Yore.

“Please “Give Unto Me Like You Gave Them Before.”


God Answered,

“Of The Gems I Will Give You Are These Priceless Reflections,

“From The Vault Near My Throne Two Fine Recollections:

“‘There’s No Power But God, And No Refuge But Him’.”


God Answered His Prayer with a Philosophical Gem.

The Prophet Requested It And The Lord Gave It To Him.

Allah Who Is Always As Near Here And Now As He Was There And Then,

Gave Words That He Loves, And Responds To, To The Best Of All Men.


Muhammad Communed With These Words

That Were Worth More Than Valuable Stones…

Like Flocks Of Perched Hoopie Birds

Words Winging With Meaning God Owns.


An Angel Twice Called “God Is Great.”

God Confirmed What His Servant Just Said.

“The Created Can’t Begin To Relate…

“What I Am Can’t Be Held In One’s Head.”



The Angel Finished Calling To Prayer,

God Concurred That His Words Were All True.

All The Angels Flew Straight Away There

The First Time That They Climbed To This View.


Prophet led them To Much Higher Heights

They Stood, Bowed, And Then They Prostrated…

Souls Soaring As One Through Truth’s Lights

Light Upon Light… Inundated.


This Inspired Celestial Event…

A God Sent Most Grand Demonstration,

Demonstrating The Brightest Intent

In Raising Prayer’s Congregation


God Ordered Fifty Prayers Every Day.

And Muhammad Readily Accepted.

“But Moses Said That Would Not Play.

Just The Best Of His Folks Would Have Kept It.


So Prophet Went Back To Redress,

And Petitioned His Lord To Be Lenient.

God Answered His Plea With A Yes,

From Fifty To Ten… More Expedient.


Ten Daily Prayers Was God’s Mandate,

But Moses Said This Too Was Too Hard.

“Asl God To Pity Your Folk’s Fate.

Ten Prayers A Day Is Too Hard To Be Fard.


Again He Petitioned His God

Exclusively… In Closest Proximity

Standing Where None Other Could Trod

Prophet Plead In Forthright Sublimity.


Again Allah’s Order Was Altered…

The Least Of God’s Doable Mandates.

For We Muslims Would Surely Have Faltered.

We’re Mostly Just Pitiful Ingrates.


This Time Muhammad’s Mind Was Set.

Five Daily Was Lenient Enough.

This Duty Could Surely Be Met

Though Times Could Get Sure Enough Tough.


So Allah Swore To Take Ten Steps To Our One Step To Intercept Our Need,

So Though 50 Reps Dropped To 5 Reps, God’s 10 Steps Ups Us To Speed.


What Kind Of Steps Did Prophet Take That Drew Him Closer Than A Pace

With God… Face To Face… Wide Awake… Given Salat Our Face Saving Grace?


That Prayer… That Grace…

In That Ultra Enlightened Place,

Is The Miraculous Base

Which Has Compelled Muslims To Keep Up The Pace

For Nearly Fifteen Hundred Years Whatever The Case,

Five Times Anywhere, Every Place,

Summoned Before God’s Invisible, Yet Perceivable, Heart Felt Face.


The Establishment of The Salat was the height of Muhammad’s Ascension…

in Salat we all can rise depending on the sincerity of our intention,

and our focused attention…

communing in God’s Nearest And Dearest Parallel Dimension

Where The Final Prophet’s Soul Eternally Resides

With The Chaste Innocent Leaders And Guides

And Their Nearest And Dearest…

Those Souls Which Are Peerless.


But still to this day,

some people will say

that what made Prophet Muhammad the best

was his military conquest.


Nay! The Final Prophet’s everyday rise

was what made him best in God’s All-Seeing Eyes.

For without compromise,

Though the demons did demonize,

Muhammad turned each self betterment contest

into a non-test

by his peerless,


self conquest,

after which he did humbly confess,

without compunction or duress,

that The Praise For The Work That He Worked To Invest,

Belongs To He Who Is The God Of The Oriental East And The Occidental West.


This is what makes him better than the best Of Us.

Thus God made him ascend over not just the best of The Arabs, but also the

best of the rest of us.


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