Righteous Way

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ImageBrother Mohammed Cherri with an eloquent poem about living the righteous way before its too late.

Prayer is the protector of the believer








My heart yearns to lie within the gentle palm of Your perfection,
To feel that warmth and solace,
Why is it that my rebellious spirit can find no comfort,
The soul is strained, a hardened heart, stiffened eyes, an empty well,
A spirit swirling in the vestiges of time,
Tugged to and fro, wind howling by,
Hearts pendulum swinging,
So soon I'll die,
What then my Lord will be my reply,
When I have no alibi,
When there is no room to lie,
When nobody is there to hear my cry,
My Lord I thank you for granting me another day,
To harness wind,
To fly a kite,
To play and pray,
My Lord I ask for just one chance,
To ask forgiveness,
To live a life,
In love enhanced,
An enchanted trance,
The righteous way.

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