The Creation of Justice and Reason

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Justice and reason go hand in hand. Read and learn the poetic lesson from Shaikh Ali Abu Talib







And from That First Pulse Of Energy that God Made;
Light, Warmth and Praise To The Lord did cascade
In all directions for three hundred and sixty degrees.
And from that light, The Almighty issued forth The Decrees
That brought things into existence, both corporeal and celestial;
From the highest human function to the inanimate, and the bestial.

Two of the first things God Created were Justice and Intellect
Which will never separate from one another until God does resurrect 
And collect all the souls He created with intellect 
To inspect if their balance is correct or incorrect. 

By Intellect I don’t mean the mere ability to inspect and detect.
By intellect I mean the ability to surmise, pause, and reflect;
And then embrace what is right and the wrong things reject.

The ability to read, and experiment 
And then analyze, and use one’s environment, 
Is, of course, an excellent human trait. 
But science, without conscience is a wicked fate.
The ability to ponder right and wrong and then choose,
Is a God given treasure you must use often or lose.

I know this is not a common, modern definition. 
Too many of us subscribe to the elitist tradition
That measures intellect by IQ scores, and college degrees.
But, so many people with schooled brains just like these
Are ignorant morally with no common sense.
Since they’ve prioritized this world and it’s temporary recompense,
They cannot logically come to right moral conclusions.
Their reason’s deformed, since they strive for illusions.

So they have a foot over the edge of a steep psychic precipice.
Their fear of The Inevitable gives them an affinity for cowardice;
They have a hedonist, mind set, with a libertine’s aversion
To obeying God’s Guidance, and a love of perversion.

Though their women are damaged; a heart broken mess,
They’re too proud to submit; turn to God and confess.
So they go to extremes without reason or rhyme.
Defending plain error, and sexual crime.

So no, I’m not speaking of mere learning ability,
And IQs that attest to one’s mental agility.
I speak of a “level” that is very sublime.
It’s made from a light, both pristine and prime.

When Allah made the power to compute wrong from right.
He made it from The Essence of Muhammad’s Great Light.
He bid it come forth, and Reason obeyed
Without hesitation, it wasn’t afraid.

God bid it go back, to test it again.
And Reason obeyed like a good, trusted friend.

The Almighty then swore, “Nothing’s dearer to Me,
“I Swear By My Power, And My Limitless Majesty.
“I will only cause Reason to completely develop
“In those whom I choose, for My Love to envelop. 

“Only God Loving Servants Who Love Me And Love Mine;
“Whose love is True Love, Love Supreme; Love Divine,
“Will I bless with a conscience; flawless and whole.
“Only through reason, can man reach his soul’s goal.

“My do’s and my don’ts are aimed at man’s reason.
“And so are My threats and encouragement.”
Neglect of one’s reason is gross psychic treason.
And prayer is the soul’s needed nourishment.

Thus Justice and Reason Will Stay Bound Together
Along with True Love And Fidelity
That First Light Will Shine Forever And Ever,
Rising High On The Day Of Finality.

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