They Say It Doesn’t Matter

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How can some support the wrong when the right is so clear to them? What excuses are used to justify blatant misguidance? There are those who choose to ignore fact and faith in order to follow blind traditions…








They say it doesn’t matter that Prophet’s son was slain.
They say it doesn’t matter, that Yazid killed Husayn.
“What’s done is done,” they reason.
“Why conjure up this pain?”
“To rock the boat is treason,”
“And won’t bring back Husayn.”

“Why curse the men who killed him? He power-reached and failed.”

“Why hold the thought that willed him? He lost. Yazid prevailed.”
This thinking is an error,
Though might is often hailed.
They won eternal terror
In hell forever jailed.

Husayn’s men reached for adl… to tip the scale towards right.
Balance, saneness, aql… that’s why he chose to fight.
And till this day most close their eyes…
Won’t exercise their right.
Won’t read… won’t learn… still won’t despise
A tyrant wielding might.

If that tyrant’s on our side. 
If he brings us glory,
Forget he murdered, stole, and lied, 
and falsified the story.

And still most folks refuse to think,
Just who was Yazid’s quarry.
Most fail to see that vital link,
That curse… that fall from glory.

Slavery… Debauchery… Occupied And Ruled…
Unsavory… No Bravery… Possessed… By Satan Schooled.
And still most Muslims follow
Ignorant and fooled
Content to chew and swallow
The spit these devils drooled.

Though plain proof is oft presented 
most follow kin’s tradition.
Plain proof is oft resented. 
Truth’s not a closed mind’s mission.

A mind that’s closed can’t calculate,
Which keeps out erudition
A devil’s lie can’t tolerate
The Light of True Cognition 

Damned Devils use deception… 
cruelty and greed.
Sticks and Carrots cloud perception… 
and warp a God Sent Creed.

We demonstrate and beckon you 
To question, think and read…
To have the guts to see what’s true,
To see truth and concede.

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