The Ramadan Ascent

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Shaikh Ali Abu Talib delivers a powerful poem on the Night of Power, the beginning of revelation, and the Holy Prophet’s task to proclaim the Truth.









He made the ascent out of love… a journey of love…
A trek from below… to step high above what had become routine…
to venture into the unknown… the seldom if ever seen.

He was bad in no way…. in no way astray…
Morally straight… man’s highest state…
Consciously reflecting The Ever Present Light…
even his left was in tuned with what’s right.

The call came. He heard it and took heed,
and set out on a hot, long, arduous deed
in an attempt NOT to be better;
For he had already reached that highest peak.
He set out to tax his physique seeking to reach for the highest peak of HUMAN SERVICE.

And he was given that commission… the holy mission…
To be God’s Final Divinely Guided Medium, carrying The Truth’s Message of God Conscious
Submission to a world blinded by cultural tradition that incites souls to pursue the foolish
ambition of possessing what is not only worthless… but damnably detrimental.

The order came channeled through God’s Top Arch Angel who some call The Holy Ghost.
Who but a Prophet Most High could entertain that Great Angelic Agent Of Conscience,
as a conscious human host?

No modern man can duplicate The Final Prophet’s ascendance.
But we all can heed the call to hike to a Higher Level Of Conscience…
clear… correct… partnered with mother’s wit and intellect…
our human nature’s angelic component… if heeded can and will redirect
and effectively connect our will to God’s Will.
Making us fit to be bound to Auspicious Eternity with a much higher degree of Slavery
companioned by Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, and Bravery.

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