The Village Idiot

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ImageNadir Amirali with his latest poem about how we treat that local idiot, but is he really an idiot?

The Idiot








there's an idiot in the village
he's singing about the end of the world
i've never known him to lie
but it's just way too early
to die

i've got a world to be attached to
and i'm too young to repent
for mistreating my dear wife

my kid sleeps
with a shroud beneath his pillow
and he keeps a rosary in his pocket
i shake my head
what a waste

all he has to do is pray
and starve himself for a month
the rest is extra credit
he's doing You a favor

there's no place in this world
for some beggar and his
drug-induced prophecies
about reaping what we sow

so when this idiot in my village
sings about obsolete concepts
justice, accountability, heaven, and hell
i just flip him the bird
and then flip him a coin

God will smile at the charity
and He'll forgive the arrogance

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