What Would You Do?

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If the Awaited Imam returned tomorrow, how would you act? Are you even ready? Will we make our Imam proud or ashamed?







What would you do if your Imam came tomorrow?
Would your heart be filled with joy, or would it be filled with sorrow?
What would you do if you heard the call in the sky?
Would tears suddenly fill your eyes?
But would they be tears of joy or of sadness,
Because of your unpreparedness?

How would it feel to finally see the face of he who shines like the moon?
And how would it feel if you recited Bay’at to him, but he rejected it from you?
Because of your sins, because of your ignorance,
Because you took lightly your prayers and repentance.

How would it feel to be rejected by he who is more generous than our fathers? How would it feel to be rejected by he whose face shines like the moon?
Tell me, what would you do?
Would you cry? Would you weep?
Would you shout? Would you scream?
But the time would have passed, and he would have arrived at last.

So let us, in this time that we await,
Get out of this dream, and all awake.
Let us not be entrapped by the distractions of this world,
So we can be of the ones smiling, when Al-Muntazir’s flag unfurls.

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