Travel Tips for the Momin

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Travel is a part of everyday life. If travel is booked in advance, one can attempt to ascertain that Islam does not go out of focus during the time spent away through preparation. So, whether it is a leisure or work related visit, there are a few pointers that may help to keep Islamic ideals in focus:

Try to learn the basic Islamic laws of traveling according to your supreme Islamic authority (marja) such as the rules of prayer, fasting, ritual purity and impurity.

Bring a good and accurate compass. The compass app on mobile phones do not always work precisely, especially when you are traveling or stuck in a place where there is no mobile network. Also, learn to use the compass at your home by confirming the direction of qibla, or direction of prayer. You may also use a watch with compass provided it works accurately.

Pack a pocket prayer-mat, pocket Qu’ran and turbah (stone).

Carry a small water bottle for ablution. For example, if the time of dawn (fajr) prayer is approaching and you are traveling on a bus then perform the obligatory acts of ablution using the minimum amount of water such that the wasted water does not cause discomfort to other passengers. On airplanes and trains, it is much easier to perform ablution.

Carefully plan the schedule of the journey to account for enough time to pray so that prayers are not delayed.

Give charity (sadaqa) before you begin traveling.

Recite the supplications of traveling before and during the journey which can be found at www.duas.org

During travel, carry all necessary toiletries for taharat (purity).

Women should take extra precautions for their hijab, especially when they are traveling during the whole night on a bus or airplane.

During travel, try to help those people who are in need such as elderly or disabled by offering to pick up their luggage, give them the better seat, etc.

Be an example of humility and honesty to the fellow travelers, hosts or people at the place of your stay. Be patient and do not create havoc if you did not receive expected services even after spending money.

If you are lost or an unexpected event has occurred, then invoke Allah and offer a two unit prayer with the intention of seeking assistance from Imam Mahdi (aj). Allah willing, a speedy relief will reach you through unseen means.    

Whether it be through recitation of glorified names of Allah (swt) on a tasbeeh (rosary) or through reflection of the places visited, remember Allah (swt) during travel.

During the time you finish your travel, prolong your last prostration (sujood) in your prayer with the intention that this may be the last time you are praying at that place and the place will be a witness on the Day of Judgment.

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