Science, Mathematics, and Allah

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His Majesty encompasses everything.

Mathematically, we know the infinite equation is expressed as ∞ = 1/0 where we can consider ourselves to be the zero in comparison to Allah’s infinite blessings and mercy upon us. Contrary to what people from all ages have mistakenly imagined, He is incomparable to anything.

His Majesty encompasses everything.

We are all aware that Allah is One and Absolute, yet we commit the sin of evaluating Him in our day to day operations. When we are preoccupied with work and worldly matters, we so comfortably delay our prayers until we feel free. When we are in trouble, we tend to postpone our prayers unless our difficulty eases. On the flipside, when we are at ease, we become so lost in this world that we forget our origin and end. We implore Allah at least ten times a day to steer us away from the path of those who incurred His wrath and have been led astray, yet our casual approaches to fulfilling our duty to Him – by performing all our obligations and avoiding all that is prohibited – has only the opposite effect.


In contrast, we are well disciplined when it comes to submitting an assignment on time or meeting the deadline of a project for work, as we anticipate these to provide us with worldly satisfaction and happiness. As this cycle of happiness and sadness continues, we find ourselves in the dismissal of the biggest Truth. If we analyse what we do in our daily lives, we can conclude that we are regularly fighting with a subject. That subject may be a person, a task, our emotions, strategies, management or something else. We must ask ourselves: what is the end result? Whether we succeed or fail, what are we actually seeking in this world? The answers to these and many other questions can be derived from very basic science and logic.


The outcome of our life is completely dependent on our actions, similar to an exam at school. Our continuous and discrete efforts are directly proportional to the end result. If we continuously study all year round, we will surely be rewarded with good grades, while if we study in patches, our results are not likely to be very impressive. Analogous to this, if we are aware of and carry out our responsibilities in this world, we will surely reach the desired final destination in the next.


Islam teaches us a beautiful way of life through which we can purify the soul by complete submission to Allah. This can be performed by adhering to the teachings of the Holy Prophet and Imams (peace be upon them all), our best examples and the ultimate guides to the Truth. The perfection of life is the ultimate Truth, and proof for the existence of the Almighty Being. The self-sufficient universe does not need a further push to confirm His existence. This is the Truth and this is what we are seeking in this world.


The absolute perfection in Allah’s creation is manifest in all his creations. Look at the butterfly – analyze its attractive coloured wings each characterized by specific pigments following the physical phenomenon of interference. The nanostructures of these wings have been created with various proportions of hard and soft chitins aiding them in flying. The superhydrophobic structure of lotus leaves contain a self cleaning effect that assists them to remain pure in dirty and mud water. Indeed it is perfect, but does it lead us to reflect on the existence of its Originator, the One Who programs all such complex phenomenon and processes? Scientists have studied these creations in depth and constantly attempted to mimic nature, of course to no avail.


Mathematically, we know the infinite equation is expressed as ∞ = 1/0 where we can consider ourselves to be the zero in comparison to Allah’s infinite blessings and mercy upon us. Contrary to what people from all ages have mistakenly imagined, He is incomparable to anything.


Where does He reside so that one may see Him? How does He know the future? How did He come to be? These are all questions we hear, yet their essence is flawed as it is utterly illogical to associate with Allah the parameters of various functions like space (x, y and z domains), time and matter, which HE Himself created. This invalidates and perhaps answers all of the erroneously famous questions about Allah and His existence. He cannot be limited to a function and then given various relations.


Many arguments have been put forth by disbelievers and believers alike regarding entropy, which describes the amount of order or disorder within a system from the second law of thermodynamics. The simple conclusion that can be understood by even a child is that only an order can create a disorder, or has the power of creating a disorder. An order simply cannot originate from disorder. Indeed, Allah has designed this universe; it has not been born out of itself.


Allah is out of the scope of all the hypotheses that the human mind has proposed. Scientists today seek to determine the origin of the universe by mimicking the big bang in a large Hadron Collider operational in Switzerland. They have proposed that a sub-atomic particle, the Higgs bason, is responsible for giving mass to every existing object, calling it the “God’s particle”. But they have not yet proved its presence and thus their proposed origin of life. Also interestingly, it was very recently found that the size of the proton is 3 × 10-14 mm smaller than its previously mentioned size in our chemistry school books as determined by scientists, which we believed to be without error. Unsuccessful scientific experiments have been carried out throughout the ages, yet there has not been any theory that is absolute and perfect. Given the anomalous and imperfect nature of mankind, Einstein’s, Newton’s nor any other scientist’s principles can be considered perfect.


We’ve been hearing it our entire lives, but we must reflect and truly understand the origin of our existence. The absoluteness of Allah is perfect and very simple to appreciate if we properly strive to. It is up to us to get to know and make an impression on the One and only. Let us pray as Imam Ali (peace be upon him) would in his intimate supplication with his Lord: “O Allah, grant me the perfection of devotion to You, and illuminate the sight of our hearts with the radiance of being able to behold You, until the sight of our hearts pierces through the veils of light, reaching the source of Exaltedness, and our souls become attached to the glory of Your Sacredness.” (Iqbal al-A’amal)

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