The Final Victory of Truth

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The clock of evolution never stops. It always keeps ticking, it keeps on moving. As the level of knowledge of man is increasing, so are his consciousness and awareness about his Creator and spiritual or non-material aspects of life. This is movement from a base level towards a lofty one. This is because of his own innate nature, his own innate tendencies. The instincts of man have ingrained inclinations towards His Creator. He finds solace only when He has gained proximity to Him: “Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for, without doubt, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (Holy Qur’an, 13:28)

The materialistic interpretation of history, on the other hand, regards all progress and evolution subservient to economic infrastructure or the means of production. According to this view, all human progress and advancement is determined by the economic structure of the society. This view gives place to human zeal, motivation, ideology or research in comparison to means of production and economic development. This view gives rise to class divisions and promotes confrontations among different classes of a society. It negates human virtues and considers the economic factors to be the primary cause of evolution.

On the other hand, human approach lays emphasis on human virtues. Man is progressing in a comprehensive way. The progress is not confined to economic or social spheres, but is a complete all-round movement and evolution. With more knowledge and better understanding of rules working in Allah’s creation, he is gaining more control over nature and is rising above the bounds of environment. At the same time, adherence to his faith and ideology is increasing. Instead of worshiping nature, he is gaining control over it and through all this he is recognizing evermore the Wise, Perfect Designer. This movement of man towards perfection and loftiness is intrinsic to his nature. It’s ingrained in his soul. By nature man will incline towards higher spheres. But because man also has another aspect which is of beastliness and animal instincts in him, he is also seen committing abject and mean acts like exploitation, persecution, and other such deeds. Conflicts have been taking place in history ’til the present age between groups of people with higher values and those who have adopted animality as their goal. This struggle between the troops of Allah and the troops of the Accursed Satan will continue until the day of final victory of Truth comes:

“He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, that He might cause it to prevail over all religions, though the polytheists may be averse.” (9:33)

This will be the day of the final victory of Islam over all types of Falsehood. This will be the day when the Earth of Allah will finally be inherited by His pious and righteous servants:

“And certainly We wrote in the Book after the reminder that (as for) the land, My righteous servants shall inherit it.” (21:105)

This will be the final collapse of oppressors and the tyrants; this will be their doom forever:

“And We desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the Imams, and to make them the heirs, And to grant them power in the land, and to make Firon and Haman and their hosts see from them what they feared.” (28:5-6)

This will be the future of humanity, which is all bright and joyous. This will be the victory of pious ones over those who have made material life their only aim:

“Musa said to his people: Ask help from Allah and be patient; surely the land is Allah’s; He causes such of His servants to inherit it as He pleases, and the end is for those who guard (against evil).” (7:128)

All this will be with the establishment of the government of Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance). The rising craving of man towards knowledge, piousness and perfection is a precedent of this great revolution: the revolution of Imam Mahdi. On our part we are required to play a constructive role for this – the constructive role for us to prepare the ground for him to come and take over reigns. This requires strict adherence to the religion of Allah and following and respecting His laws.

Some salient features of the Imam’s government as discussed and described by Martyr Ayatollah Mutahhari are:

  • Final victory of righteousness, virtue, peace, justice, freedom and truth over the forces of egoism, subjugation, tyranny, deceit and fraud.
  • Establishment of a world government (one government in the whole world).
  • Reclamation and rehabilitation of the whole earth so that no area remains waste.
  • Attainment of full sagacity by mankind, adherence to ideology and emancipation from animal impulses and undue social restrictions.
  • Maximum utilization of the gifts of the earth.
  • Equal distribution of wealth and property among all human beings.
  • Complete eradication of all vices like adultery, fornication, usury, use of intoxicants, treachery, theft and homicide and total disappearance of abnormal complexes, malice and ill-will.
  • Eradication of war and restoration of peace, friendship, co-operation and benevolence.
  • Complete coherence between man and nature.

May Allah hasten his reappearance and include us among his followers and helpers!

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Asad Raza

A stimulated mind. An avid reader. An IT professional. A beleiver in Deen e Hanifa : "Then set your face upright for religion in the right state-- the nature made by Allah in which He has made men; there is no altering of Allah's creation; that is the right religion, but most people do not know--"(30:30)

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