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The Importance of Appreciating the Work of Mothers, Part III

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This entry is the third and final in a three-part series on the campaign to honor and value motherhood.

While parenting is a tiring task, the impressions we make on our children are long lasting. It is imperative that we take our duties seriously. After all we are the only ones directly involved in the upbringing of our children. And even though parenting is a serious matter, who says we can’t relish in the beauty of our kids? Why don’t we make time to enjoy our little ones? Parenting is not just rules and structure, rather parenting is also love, mercy and compassion. We must remember to balance our parenting duties with love and kindness.

As a reminder, these snippets from the campaign were taken from the khamenei_reyhaneh Instagram account.

7) Your thinking builds your children’s personality!

“A mother is one who — knowingly and unknowingly — with her body, soul and actions, transfers a culture and spirituality to her children.”

A mother’s role is key to the survival of her children. And especially in a society where they are exposed to far more things than we were exposed to as children. How we address certain problems and how we take interest in our children’s lives will build their characters and personalities. If we ignore this vital role, and/or leave it to just outside factors like school and TV, then imagine who is building our children?

8) The child that comes will bring its sustenance!

“We should not think that one person should definitely have a house, a profession that has a good income, and then they can get married. No, [according to the Qur’an] ‘if they are poor, Allah will make them wealthy from His bounty.'” (Surah Noor, ayat 32)

While it is good to plan ahead, we can’t wait for EVERYTHING to be perfect before deciding to get married or have a child. When we have good and pure intentions, these decisions bring their own sustenance, or rizq, with them. As it is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, we shouldn’t delay these decisions for fear of poverty.

9) Find love in the lap of a mother!

“The best way of raising children is this that nourishment and care is found in the lap and love of a mother. Women who deprive their children of these divine blessings are making a mistake.”

Being a mother is tough. Sometimes while dealing with the daily mundane tasks of raising children we forget to sit and enjoy our children. We forget to snuggle and enjoy their innocence. Even if we are taking care of their every need, children must feel loved and know that their home is a place of comfort and love. 

10) The true upbringing of children

“The upbringing of children through the guidance of a mother, is not like being in a class; it is with actions, it is with speaking, it is with emotions, it is with living.”

A mother is “mothering” 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no off switch. Although there are responsibilities, it is a job like no other. With every fiber of our beings we are teaching and raising our children. And with everything we do — and don’t do — we are teaching our little ones.

11) There is no one else who can be a mother to your kids!

“If you didn’t raise your kids properly in your house, or didn’t bring children into this world, or if you didn’t take care of their fragile feelings, nobody else would be able to do this work.

This is solely the work of a mother.

However, these jobs that you have outside, if you don’t do them, there are 10 more people who will do it. Therefore the preference with this job is that there is no other to fulfill this role.”

At the end of the day, as a mother you are the only one who can take care of your kids. Don’t leave others to do this important work. If you leave your responsibilities as a mother because of other professional responsibilities, know that those duties can be taken care of others. But your job as a mother is irreplaceable.

Editor’s note: Islamic Insights is honored to host the “Raising Faith” column by esteemed guest contributor and student from Qum, Sister Samira Rizvi. Besides being a former newspaper copy editor, Rizvi is a mother of three, an author who writes for Little Muslim Books, and maintains a personal blog. Her column will focus on her experiences in tarbiyat—the upbringing of children based on Islamic values. For past articles in the column see here.

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Samira Rizvi

Sister Samira Rizvi is currently studying in Qom. Besides being a former newspaper copy editor, Rizvi is a mother of three, an author who writes for Little Muslim Books, and maintains a personal blog that can be viewed at www.mamasfeet.wordpress.com.

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