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Spring Break Reading List

Admit it. You promised yourself that this year you’d work on putting in a little extra effort on the Islamic knowledge front. Chances are you’re like the rest of us,

How to Effectively Read an Islamic Book

If we go through each book in that library, and cannot recall some change in our lives from that book, than we have not done justice to the knowledge in

The Final Conclusion

Dr. Abu Shahba presents five major case studies surrounding the doctrine of faith which tackle very basic questions that are inherent and logical for every human being to ask. He

Guide to Muslim Homeschooling

Muslim families considering homeschooling must do their research, the author suggests. She provides some background studies and data to help researchers get started. Laws related to homeschooling vary by location,

Divine Flashes of Husayn

Twenty-one excerpts of sermons, speeches, letters and poems from the last six months of Imam Hussain’s life follow, in original Arabic and translation without commentary, aside from necessary context and

Halal Healthy Meals

The recipes themselves are very appealing and none of them are those highly unrealistic gourmet recipes that require hard-to-find ingredients and special equipment. These are real tried-and-true family recipes collected

Shining Sun

The tribute consists of two main parts; a brief memorial of Allama Tabatabai, followed by transcriptions of several discussions the author and/or other students of the Allama had on religious

House of Sorrows

Throughout the course of this book, Shaikh Abbas Qummi has narrated the most authentic narrations of Islamic history and reliable traditions from both Shi’a and Sunni sources to expound on

Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet

As a whole, this work lacks in sophistication or nuance, but succeeds in filling a necessary niche in the available literature. A reader will find some content of worth in

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Moral Management

According to the author, all human beings are in need of some leadership skills because everyone is accountable and responsible towards others, like spouses towards one another, parents to their