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The Orientalist in His Ivory Tower

For over a century, Eurocentric orientalists, living in ivory towers, decided to take up a sustained interest in Islam. These men labored diligently for decades, studying, researching, and writing tons

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When You Board Hussain’s Ship

A Breath… He exhaled from sacred lips Whipped… The wind would as it willowed with emptiness Fit… His father’s sword in his sheath So they would remember that battlefield skills

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A Thorn in the Meadow: My Journey to the Hawza

In 2011, the year before I embarked on my journey to the Islamic Seminary in Lebanon, a friend of mine convinced me to join him at the mosque for a

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Prescription for Savings

It is no surprise that the healthcare system in America is woefully inadequate. It is currently run by insurance companies whose main goal is to make themselves as much money

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Discourse Between Mother and Child

Mother: To my dear child who lived in my womb where you had your first seat In each morning and night I waited for you through the cold and heat

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Parenting and the Cyber World

It’s the technology age – we hear and read this everywhere. Even our kids tell it to us. From keeping in touch with relatives across the globe and getting free

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In the Beginning

Was The First Light like the light that we now perceive? Can a mere solar explosion successfully achieve the frequency and intensity to create matter and life? Perhaps. The Universe

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I Swear Upon Each Crushed Rib

I swear upon her scent, as roses give allegiance that no fragrance touched the prophet but her presence. I swear upon the echoes of her last voiceless nights that I

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To the Sustainer of My Being

Each soul communicates to You through the strength that You have instilled into them. Amid the debris a child pushes back tears. Soon breaks because even mountains erode in time.

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Instilling Modesty in Children

There is a not-so-subtle campaign aimed at having young girls dress in short, revealing clothing. In fact, a trip to a department store will quickly remind us that modesty is