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Here, Entreaties Are Blessed

Thy Dad preferred to save us from straying in sins He himself suffered too much to redeem us from sins Thy husband too preferred to suffice first his own slayer

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To Speak or Not to Speak?

If we analyze our different body parts which Allah (swt) has blessed us with, we will realize that one of the most used body parts which we will be accounted

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A Visit To Lady Fatima (as)

The night in Qom was increasingly cold. The teeth chatter away as the cold seeps into the gloves, numbing the fingers until they ceased to bend properly, stiffened and frigid.

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Two Parallels

Being the holder of the eyes that only weep for Husayn gave us the ears to hear the heavens and the earth call out his name His body is here

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The Skies Roar

Sheikh Nimr’s scars were lessons for us to live by, his sacrifice was holy and led to an Islamic awakening Sheikh Nimr welcomed pain like an envelope hungry for money

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The Case for God’s Existence

A common critique of theists is their inability to prove God’s existence rationally and scientifically. It is often claimed that the case for God’s existence is merely an emotional one,

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Azaadari; Karbala

A mourning held in the heavens For the bodies that lay on the hot plains Their blood was desecrated And their sanctity violated Initiated by none other than his esteemed

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A Long Awaited Martyrdom

The new year has started but unfortunately not the way we anticipate Alas, Sheikh al-Nimr has been killed after a long awaited fate The murderers of Nimr are none other

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Ibn al-Haytham; Science and the Optics

This is the third article of a series that will be focused on influential Muslim scientists. To see if any other articles have been uploaded, search the tag or keywords

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The Voiceless Dream

Whilst picking the thorns of a crumbled flower out of my feet I saw a caravan approaching in the desert heat I squinted, trying to decipher what I was gazing