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Awaited, Where Are You?


Ana turab [I am soil] how can I die before I behold you? When from Abu Turab, I asked for a glimpse of you If death comes to me Mawla before you My soul will complain “Haider, when will he come to me!” Isn’t it painful to die before I see you …

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A Visit To Lady Fatima (as)


The night in Qom was increasingly cold. The teeth chatter away as the cold seeps into the gloves, numbing the fingers until they ceased to bend properly, stiffened and frigid. The groups of zuwar (visitors) warm themselves upon reaching the hotel which holds a semblance a small piece of home with it’s petite kitchen …

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Two Parallels


Being the holder of the eyes that only weep for Husayn gave us the ears to hear the heavens and the earth call out his name His body is here and the earth is thankful for the remnant but on the day that someone, somewhere knew that he was going …

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