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The Skies Roar

Portrait of Nimr, in Bahrain

Sheikh Nimr’s scars were lessons for us to live by, his sacrifice was holy and led to an Islamic awakening Sheikh Nimr welcomed pain like an envelope hungry for money He was tortured, bruised, and battered but couldn’t be silenced–the Saudi pigs thought they could exile his soul from this …

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The Voiceless Dream


Whilst picking the thorns of a crumbled flower out of my feet I saw a caravan approaching in the desert heat I squinted, trying to decipher what I was gazing upon Blinded by their noor, I was forced to accept they were lesser than none Unscripted they approached me and …

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I Walk for Husayn


I walk I walk through the valleys and the shadows of the death that surrounds me Entrenched in the smell of blood lingering in my soul Searching for their stories repeatedly told and simultaneously ignored And I walk I walk and I stumble on the remains of those who passed …

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