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Tell Me of the Women of Karbala

When the moon cried as she left the skies. When the sky wept as day was approaching. When the sun rose in agony, regretting the bringing forth of a day

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Resurrecting My Father’s Voice

My father and I would constantly communicate over the phone It was the only way to make Detroit and Edmonton feel inseparable As years went on I felt my sincerity

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The Tears of Palestinian Children

The tears of Palestinian children The prime minister of the Zionist regime, I mean Israel, walked in a unity march against terrorism You could feel the 2200 murdered Palestinians turn

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When You Board Hussain’s Ship

A Breath… He exhaled from sacred lips Whipped… The wind would as it willowed with emptiness Fit… His father’s sword in his sheath So they would remember that battlefield skills

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Discourse Between Mother and Child

Mother: To my dear child who lived in my womb where you had your first seat In each morning and night I waited for you through the cold and heat

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In the Beginning

Was The First Light like the light that we now perceive? Can a mere solar explosion successfully achieve the frequency and intensity to create matter and life? Perhaps. The Universe

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I Swear Upon Each Crushed Rib

I swear upon her scent, as roses give allegiance that no fragrance touched the prophet but her presence. I swear upon the echoes of her last voiceless nights that I

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To the Sustainer of My Being

Each soul communicates to You through the strength that You have instilled into them. Amid the debris a child pushes back tears. Soon breaks because even mountains erode in time.

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Dear Awaited

What if the Mahdi appears in us? Standing against the wall of our hearts. Before he appears against that cubic wall. What if the second coming is the return of

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Light Within Light

If one traced the source of the sweet morning rays, upon arriving at sight, their soul would set ablaze. If one understood the mercy of the misty dew, they would