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Marriage, and Matters of the ‘Islamic’ Heart

A two-part series – part II of which explores the matters of the ‘Islamic’ heart. Part I can be read here.  “Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He become displeased,”

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Visiting Imam Ridha (as)

Growing up, my summers were filled with annual trips to Iran to visit my family and experience this culture I was born into, but for as long as I could

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Marriage, and the Fault in Our Intention

A two-part series – part I of which explores the desire to gain nearness to Allah. Even those that hold but a fleeting interest in renewing their allegiance to the holy

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Ramadan: A Social Equalizer

The world is full of miseries and pains. One of the greatest pains is the feeling of hunger. There are millions on the global level who suffer starvation and who

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What We Have Become

In a world that tends to become more materialistic with each passing day, poverty is often defined and understood as an economic and financial state in which a person or

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The Man That Saved Iraq

In 2014, the world was taken by surprise when a group of men claiming to be the ruling government of Islam, under the guise of ISIS, otherwise known as Islamic

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Is Freedom of Speech Absolute?

One of the rights which civilized communities and societies agree that every individual must be able to enjoy is the right for freedom of speech. What exactly is freedom of

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Hoodies, Hijabs, and Condemning Oppression

The recent killing of Shaima alAwadi in California has united organizations across many different demographics to condemn the brutal killing of a mother of five in what authorities believe was

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Iraq: the End of a War, and the Reaffirmation of US Exceptionalism

Since 2001, with the ascension and acceptance of the concept of a US “homeland”, the United States now shares the ideological space of dictatorships. The government’s nurturing and selling of

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All-American Muslim: An Outrageous but Sad Reality

Perhaps it would be against our interest to realize that many Muslims fall short of the great status God has given us as followers of Islam. The worst part of