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Is Freedom of Speech Absolute?

One of the rights which civilized communities and societies agree that every individual must be able to enjoy is the right for freedom of speech. What exactly is freedom of

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Hoodies, Hijabs, and Condemning Oppression

The recent killing of Shaima alAwadi in California has united organizations across many different demographics to condemn the brutal killing of a mother of five in what authorities believe was

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Iraq: the End of a War, and the Reaffirmation of US Exceptionalism

Since 2001, with the ascension and acceptance of the concept of a US “homeland”, the United States now shares the ideological space of dictatorships. The government’s nurturing and selling of

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All-American Muslim: An Outrageous but Sad Reality

Perhaps it would be against our interest to realize that many Muslims fall short of the great status God has given us as followers of Islam. The worst part of

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Lack of Good Samaritans Caught on Tape

This horrendous event forces us to open our eyes to the reality staring us in the face regarding our world today. It forces us to reflect upon such incidents and

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Libya and Iraq: Mirror Images in the Grip of Big Oil

After nine years of US occupation, Iraq’s economy remains in shambles amid rampant official corruption, with every sign of greater instability when the last of the US troops are gone.

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The 2010 Census: Race and Ethnicity

At the turn of the 20th century, many “white” European immigrants were not considered white – such as the Italian or Jewish immigrants. Today, younger generations are increasingly identifying themselves

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From Tahrir to Wall Street

Part of the success of the Arab Spring was the lack of central leadership that governments could crack down upon, as well as its mass appeal especially among the youth.

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Knowledge of the Soul

Critical thinking and reasoning are essential tools of sense-making that advance society. The scientific process develops our understanding and level of functioning in this existence. However, not all types of

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US Embargo of Cuba, Half a Century Later

As a foreign policy instrument, the embargo has also failed. It has not done anything to make the Cuban people more free, and it has denied Americans of the right