Imam Mahdi’s (ajfs) Calling

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Islam rose when it planted a seed named Muhammad and it will rise again with a beautiful flower named Muhammad

Islam’s status will be resurrected from this garden of roses, the world will be waiting to smell the scent of his petals

The order of this world orbits around his existence, he’ll take a chapter from his grandfather and emulate his persistence

He is a proof of Allah (swt) on this earth and there was nothing better for this world than his birth

The sun rises with his presence, the moon shines with his essence

He’s the 12th star in the galaxy of purity, he’s the righteous leader who will bring us security

He’s the city of sanctity and the holder of his grandfather’s morality, he holds the key to the locked up chamber of deepest secrets

He holds my salvation in his palms, my soul speaks of revolutions in his remembrance

My heart is inclined with the inevitable truth of his return, my tears reek of his grief because my pain is directly inflicted upon him

My love for him is like a ripple in the water that won’t vanish into the currents of the ocean, it will grow until it becomes a rogue wave

But divine love is only expressed through action–

It’s expressed through the war on self-oppression, it’s expressed through the voices that seek justice for the oppressed

I’ve started world wars against my desires and have lost many battles, victory is only achieved through our proximity towards him

So I threw his name in the sea of my heart and let his love flood within me, I forgot about the fossils of my past and gave birth to a new


When I lose sight of this path, I whisper his name and roads are paved in my heart, all of which have the same destination

All of which intend on teaching me separation from the creation and attachment to the creator

The breeze of a dark thought brings the consequences of an earthquake to all the paths that Allah (swt) has created for me

My sins break down everything I’ve built and just like that, I leave him with empty promises and failed potential

I scream al ajal but the silence against shaytaan speaks louder

I scream al ajal but the silence my tongue has uttered leaves empty repentance and lost prayers

I scream al ajal but I am nothing except a wheel-chair revolutionist without a scratch of adversity on my face

I scream al ajal but I’ve become an idle servant

The answers are there but my ignorance obscures my vision; I’ve misplaced his name

I wait for his light to cure me but feel all too comfortable in my own darkness

I hope for new beginnings.

I hope to make promises that carry consistency with them

I am nothing but a servant waiting to latch on to his holy stem and I expect nothing but turbulence on this ride because truth has never

been a friend of safety

A time will come when our eyes will be blessed to see him avenge his holy household

A time will come when justice will be served for Fatima’s broken rib

A time will come when justice will be served for the theft of Ali’s leadership

A time will come when justice will be served for Hussain’s decapitated body

A time will come when justice will be served for Abbas’ dry tongue

A time will come when justice will be served for the pain of Zainab

A time will come when justice will be served for the imprisonment of Al-Kadhim!

A time will come when justice will be served for all those who have fought for the truth

And if our hearts listen closely, they’ll hear Imam  Mahdi (ajfs) calling “I am waiting for you, are you going to answer my call to justice?”

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