Trip towards Karbala

Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki on the desire of the heart to travel to Karbala

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Sometimes as individuals we get drowned in worldly glitters and we want it all

Sometimes as Muslims we wait all year until Muharram just to remember Karbala

Just to walk with Imam Hussain – to remember the martyrs and those slain

To remember that on that day the heavens and earth shook vigorously but not in vain

To remember that on that day narrations say a blackness from out the sky came

And encompassed the blood covered soil of Karbala

 Subhan’Allah, Subhan’Allah, Subhan’Allah

Our cry to the Most High is La Ilaha Illallah

Where was I on that day?

Why is it that God did not give me life at that time

So that I could live and give it for the sake of  Islam

How I wish to live like Ali did and die like Hussain

God is the greatest I would pray my last prayer

giving alms in Ruku while others may stare

Subhan’Allahe, Subhan’Allahe, Subhan’Allah

And while in the midst of mayhem in combat I may fall

and let my last cry be La Ilaha Illallah

Muhammad ar-Rasul Allah

However, Allah’s wisdom and decree has been calculated carefully

And our life in this time and place has been determined previously

So as Allah has blessed us with breath and we are living today

Let us live like Ali and implement his way, his manners, and his deeds

Let us live such that our champion imam Hussain would smile and be pleased

Let us repent and live without regret such that if we pass away tomorrow

Allah would be pleased with us as He is with the martyrs of Karbala

And our tongues’ last words be of praise to the Most High Allah

Subhan’Allah, Subhan’Allah, Subhan’Allah

La Ilaha Illallah

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Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki

Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki received his Masters degree in Islamic studies at I.C.A.S. (Islamic College for Advanced Studies) and completed Islamic courses at the Islamic Seminary of Qom. He has spoken at numerous Islamic centers and university campuses due to his relatability with the youth, exceptional Islamic knowledge and public speaking skills.

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