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Travel Tips for the Momin

Travel is a part of everyday life. If travel is booked in advance, one can attempt to ascertain that Islam does not go out of focus during the time spent away through preparation. So, whether it is a leisure or work related visit, there are a few pointers that may …

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The Philosophy of Supplication

In our ordinary and ritualistic way of life, we often find ourselves in a state of confusion with respect to supplication. A spiritual life implies practicing the five daily prayers, keeping fast in the holy month, pilgrimage, giving charity, paying the required tax, and other devotional acts. We also have …

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The Forbidden Fruit

Before the discussion begins on the forbidden tree which was situated in the garden where Prophet Adam (as) was sent to, it should be emphasized that this is not an essay on the fallibility of Prophet Adam (as). Adam’s act of disregarding the advice by Allah (swt) is commonly termed …

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The Superior Sex: Male or Female?

Martyr Murtada Mutahhari in his book, Women and Her Rights, explains all the necessary rights of women and elucidates the disparities between the two sexes. He states that during the liberation movement of women rights, everybody focused only on the liberty and equality of women as a human being whereas …

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Zuhd, Asceticism, and Worldliness

Zuhd implies refraining from worldly desires and all material aspects of life. It is also defined as the intellectual indifference to the luxuries of the world and hedonism. Zuhd involves transcending over the material existence by living a simple life. The “I don’t care” attitude we see amongst some of …

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Islam and Metaphysics

Let us look into the convoluted understanding of metaphysics and the conflict between theories of different philosophers before we unveil the intellectual genius of Imam Ali. As Physics describes the world of matter and its motion through space and time, Metaphysics strives to define the subject matter.

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